Make your voice heard

Published 9:41 pm Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Thanksgiving, thankful that yet another election was behind us and that we didn’t have to bicker among ourselves over who should win the day. But with August beginning to wind down, the election season has reached full swing again.

I’ve never really considered myself a political person. I vote in every election, but I don’t see the need to advertise my selections. Perhaps it’s the field in which I work. What I do consider important is that when I vote, I educate myself as much as possible about the choices so that I’m making what I feel is the right decision for me and the city or country. That’s all we, as citizens and voters, can really do.

To me, that’s why journalism is so important. We at the Suffolk News-Herald try our hardest to get information into the hands of the public so that they can make informed decisions. It’s a worthwhile, if exhausting, job, and it turns out we can’t do it alone.

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That’s where you come in.

With 13 candidates running for seats in the local government alone, it can be hard to tell the candidates apart. But since the mayor and members of City Council and the School Board hold vital roles in the governance of Suffolk, the choices we make on Election Day will affect us all. And let’s not forget the importance of the congressional and presidential elections.

This is the time to share your opinion on the candidates and state your case for whom you think should win. Perhaps you have a personal experience that reflects on a candidate or you don’t think enough is known about another candidate’s qualifications. We invite you to submit a letter to the editor and have your voice heard.

Submissions should be around 300 to 400 words, should include the author’s name and residence and must include a telephone number for verification purposes. Whatever you have to say, we ask that comments be civil and don’t hit below the belt. Remember that, in the local elections at least, these candidates are your neighbors and are only trying to do what they can to better the city. Submissions can be emailed to