Land tranfers for Aug. 10-16

Published 7:03 pm Saturday, August 18, 2012

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


Aug. 10-16

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Herbert Smith Jr. to PNMAC Mortgage Co. LLC; 500 Osceola Ave.; $145,089.87


Paul S. Bliley Jr., trustee, to Central Virginia Bank; 1001 Centerbrooke Lane; $3,297,200


Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia, trustee, to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; 4525 Quaker Drive; $152,900


Darron Coleman to Federal National Mortgage Association; 6016 Steeplechase Lane; $342,754


Big Mix LLC to Leroy Flagler; 808 McKinley Ave.; $104,900


The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Mack S. Pittard II; 3372 Indian Trail; $165,600


Quality Homes Inc. to KKRT LC; 4417 Sleepy Hole Road; $2,300


Denys S. Creighton to George F. Staudter; 8008 Beech Tree Court; $272,500


Equity Trustees LLC, trustee, to Residential Credit Solutions Inc.; 195 Wexford Drive East; $196,441.61


Gary W. Walker Sr. to Jonathan J. Beck; 5075 Manning Road; $398,700


William C. Holoman to Jason M. Jaffeux; 2204 Livingston St.; $170,000


American Equity Funding Inc. to Harry Lee Cross III; 407 Elizabeth St.; $92,600


Rebecca T. England to Thomas Jake Burns; 717 acres in Holy Neck; $44,400


Yewande Solanke to Wells Fargo Bank; 311 Bank St.; $126,000


Kevin Marshall to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 114 Oakdale Terrace; $96,800


Fanita Y. Pendleton to U.S. Bank National Association; 10 Charlotte Ave.; $125,600


The Bank of Hampton Roads to Joseph G. Dsilva; 3353 Star Creek Court; $423,000


SunTrust Bank to Peter B. Hanson; 5115 W. Creek Court; $608,000


Karla R. Cook to Donald Pierre; 111 Mistral Terrace; $296,900


Paige Brinkley Hunter to Raymond T. Brinkley, trustee; 2821 White Marsh Road; $35,000


Gary R. Gompers to Roger H. Allen; 5073 South Links Circle; $515,000


The Bank of Hampton Roads to William P. Hogge Jr.; 1948 Longstreet Lane; $80,800


Junie Joyner to Dynamic Homes Corporation; 10753 Camp Pond Road; $3,600


Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to C.K. McQueen LLC; no description given; $4,000


Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, Allen T. Bailey; 813 Battery Ave.; $400


David J. Burton to J. Eure Properties Inc.; 127 Day St.; $85,600


Heritage Acres X Suffolk to Heritage VA Investors LLC; 1015 Nansemond Parkway; $2,528,500


Keaton H. Garber, trustee, to Morris H. Glover Sr.; 6106 Holy Neck Road; $337,200


Jonnie H. Franklin to Morris H. Glover Sr.; 5202 O’Kelly Drive; $508,100


Cindie N. Burdon to Danny G. Cote; 5016 Riverfront Drive; $849,900


Wirth Holdings LLC to Mistie Combs; 5003 Benson Court; $264,900


Judith A. Copeland to Linda T. Knight; no description given; $15,000


Fannie Mae to Joshua L. Hawkins; 183 Little Fork Road; $224,600


Johnny L. Phillips to Yves Tataya; 6407 Crosswinds Court; $239,900


BAW Properties Inc. to Nathan C. McLeod; 1309 Sierra Drive; $119,000


Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Greg Sawyer; 1206 Mt. Horeb St.; $8,100


Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Allen T. Bailey; 128 S. Capital St.; $800


Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Greg Sawyer; 1 acre off Moores Farm Lane; $1,300


Bank of America to Shelton A. Spivey; 129 N. 8th St.; $74,500