Projects planned to improve Sleepy Hole

Published 8:22 pm Saturday, August 18, 2012

Three projects at Sleepy Hole Park and the Planters Club will enhance facilities there, especially parking, a city director says.

The Sleepy Hole Park Entrance Improvement Project involves improving the golf course entrance, adding a new parking lot at Planters Club and providing parking along the ring road through the park itself, city Director of Capital Programs and Buildings Gerry Jones said.

More room also will be provided for vehicles to be able to turn to deposit passengers outside the club, he said.

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“Right now, it’s a little bit too tight for vehicles to make turns,” Jones said.

A new fence also will go up, he said.

“If you look there now, you see a rusty chain-link fence long overdue to be replaced.”

When the park project is complete, what Jones called “parking pockets” will be positioned along the park’s internal ring road.

“It adds much-needed amenity which all of those facilities need,” Jones said. “There basically are no parking facilities, and you can imagine an event in the weather, parking on the lawn is not good. It just makes that a much better and safer situation for people.”

The work is being completed with $500,000 of city funds, Jones said.

The entrance work has just been completed, and an engineer is currently working on plans for the Planters Club and the internal parking projects, he said, saying they should be complete by year-end, depending on weather.