Florence Bowser Elementary School bus routes

Published 9:01 pm Tuesday, August 28, 2012

EDITOR’S NOTE: Routes also can be found online at spsk12.net.

These routes will also be revised regularly during the first month of school as new students enroll, students change zones, etc.

An “X” means the bus stop is located at the intersection of the two streets. For example, Smith X Wellons means the stop is at the corner of Smith and Wellons.

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Students should arrive at least five minutes before schedule stop time, particularly as the routes are adjusted and fluctuate based on who rides the bus on any given day.

If have questions about bus stop locations, email the director of transportation, Lonnie Reavis, at lonniereavis@spsk12.net

Florence Bowser Elementary

Route 1

Clarys Dr X N Capitol St 8:06

Clarys Dr X N 4th St

340 N 5th St

Myrick Ave X Goodman St

Woodruff St X Myrick Ave

Fulcher St X Myrick Ave

Ben St X Myrick Ave

Hollywood Ave X Myrick Ave

Vermont AvE X Hollywood Ave

Florida Ave X Hollywood Ave

1015 Nansemond Pkwy

Florence Bowser Elementary School 8:29


Route 2

Lee Hall Ave X Townpoint Rd 7:53

215 Rockwood Pl

213 Blackstone Way

200 Blackstone Way

111 Graystone Trce

136 Graystone Trce

Bradford Dr X Camellia Dr

6056 Bradford Dr

6000 Old College Dr

6060 Brookwood Dr

Brookwood Ct X Brookwood Dr

6320 Old Townpoint Rd

6221 Freeman Ave

N River Rd X Waters Edge Ln

5004 S Links Cir

5006 S Links Cir

1027 Windward Ln

6081 Mainsail Ln

3728 Knotts Creek Ln

Knotts Creek Ln X Whitfield Way

Florence Bowser Elementary School 8:29


Route 3

5740 Bennetts Pasture Rd 8:11

Canterbury Ln X Holiday Point Dr

N Shore Dr X Oriole Rd

2857 N Shore Dr

N Shore Dr X Country Club Dr

Country Club Dr X Holly Rd

2700 Colonial Dr

Lake Rd X Colonial Dr

2749 Nansemond Cres

Nansemond Cres X S Nansemond Dr

2736 S Nansemond Dr

Holly Rd X S Nansemond DR

2929 Ames Cove Dr

Pintail Dr X Goshawk Ct

107 Pintail Dr

King Fisher Dr X Turnstone Dr

King Fisher Dr X Whimbrel Dr

Willet Ct X Whimbrel Dr

Florence Bowser Elementary School 8:29


Route 4

Shoulders Hill Rd X Summit Dr 8:00

3008 Billings Dr

Livingston St X Holston Ct (1)

1110 Island Park Cir

6019 Rollingwood St

Kelso St X Kempton Park Rd

5035 Kelso St

5012 Huntclub Chase

3012 Waterjump Cres

Steeplechase Ln X Bridle Path Ln X Coachhouse Ct

Curry Comb Pt X Steeplechase Ln

6005 Steeplechase Ln

5048 Hunt Club Chase

Martingale Ct X Halter Cv X Steeplechase Ln

Sheryl Lyn Ct X Rabey Farm Rd X Catalpa Ct

Rabey Farm Rd X Gum Ct

Hackberry Ct X Silver Poplar Ct X Rabey Farm Rd

Scotch Pine Rd X Rabey Farm Rd

Ginkgo Ct X Elm Tree Ct

Hawks Nest Ln X Bob White Ln X Deanes Station Rd

3428 Bob White Ln

4901 Fennell Ln

Fennell Ln X Fennell Ct

Hawks Nest Ln X Bob White Pkwy

Peafowl Ct X Quaker Ridge Ct

Bob White Pkwy X Purple Martin Ln (1)

Bob White Pkwy X Purple Martin Ln (2)

Florence Bowser Elementary School 8:30


Route 5

105 St Andrews Dr 8:01

Charlemagne Dr X Saint Andrews Dr

Windjammer Rd X Cuttysark Ln (1)

Windjammer Rd X Cuttysark Ln (2)

Windjammer Rd X Schoolhouse Ln

Windjammer Rd X Burning Tree Ln

2744 Burning Tree Ln

Chatham Rd X Benson Ct

Kendal Way X Fincastle Ct

Kendal Way X Burning Tree Ln

4557 Schooner Blvd

4660 Schooner Blvd

Sleepy Hole Rd X River Breeze Rd

2280 Kings Hwy

Lighthouse Dr X Rivercliff Cres W X Rivercliff Cres E

4349 Sleepy Hole Rd

4613 Sleepy Hole Rd

4933 Sleepy Hole Rd

Caroline Cres X Driver Pointe Ct

Canvasback Dr X Caroline Cres

Bluebill Dr X Caroline Cres

2107 Canvasback Dr

Florence Bowser Elementary School 8:27


Route 6

4804 Nansemond Pkwy 8:12

Nansemond Pkwy X Berwyn Way

103 Count Cres

Page Pl X Count Cres

Kings Reach X Dutchess Way

Baron Blvd X Dutchess Way

Princess ArcH X Suffolk Meadows Blvd

109 Suffolk Meadows Blvd

2951 Kings Hwy

Bruce Farm Dr X Beech Grove Ln

Beech Grove Ln X Carter Ln

Driver Station Way W X Carter Ln

4372 Driver Ln

Patrick Dr X Erin Dr (2)

1005 Erin Dr

2008 Patrick Dr

4267 Driver Ln

4244 Driver Ln

Florence Bowser Elementary School 8:29