Oakland Elementary bus routes

Published 8:38 pm Thursday, August 30, 2012

EDITOR’S NOTE: These routes will be revised regularly during the first month of school as new students enroll, students change zones, etc.

An “X” means the bus stop is located at the intersection of the two streets. For example, Smith X Wellons means the stop is at the corner of Smith and Wellons.

Students should arrive at least five minutes before schedule stop time, particularly as the routes are adjusted and fluctuate based on who rides the bus on any given day.

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If have questions about bus stop locations, email the director of transportation, Lonnie Reavis, at lonniereavis@spsk12.net.

Oakland Elementary


Route 1

2261 Bridge Rd 7:56

2263 Bridge Rd

Clubhouse Dr X River Cres

Fairway Dr X Clubhouse Dr

Fairway Dr X Partridge Pl

Fairway Pl X Partridge Pl

Heron Ct X River Cres

9092 River Cres

Eclipse Dr X Martin Rd

9021 Eclipse Dr

9088 Eclipse Dr

Vine Ave X Dixon Dr

Dixon Dr X Cross St

Cross St X Eclipse Dr

1564 White Dogwood Tr

1600 Steeple Dr

1436 Bridge Rd

Oakland Elementary School 8:29


Route 2

Hasting Pl X Botetourt Ct 8:07

Wentworth Ct X Governors Ln

Governors Pointe Rd X Torrington Cir

Reynard Rd X Adams Dr E

Adams Dr E X Bayberry Ln

Moores Point Rd X Hobson Dr

Moores Point Rd X West Rd

Holly Point Ln/Holly Point Rd X Moores Point Rd

8405 Crittenden Rd

8325 Crittenden Rd

Oakland Elementary School 8:29


Route 3

5668 Crittenden Rd 8:00

6826 Crittenden Rd

6804 Crittenden Rd

6868 Crittenden Rd

6944 Crittenden Rd

7154 Crittenden Rd

Woodland Rd X Woodland Cir

1841 Woodland Rd

Longvue Cir X Oyster Bay Ln

Harborwood Pl X Oyster Bay Ln

Harlan Dr X Cedar Crest Ln

Canterbury Crest Ln X Cedar Crest Ln

7117 Crittenden Rd

Pine Acres/Pine Acres Ln X Crittenden Rd

6725 Crittenden Rd

6845 Crittenden Rd

6619 Crittenden Rd

Oakland Elementary School 8:30


Route 4

120 Pembroke Ln 8:10

5646 Godwin Blvd

5650 Godwin Blvd

5744 Godwin Blvd

Hawk Ln X Brown Ln

Hawk Ln X Wren Rd

Hawk Ln X Beaver Ln

Sparrow Rd X Hawk Ln

5772 Godwin Blvd

5820 Godwin Blvd

5844 Godwin Blvd

5860 Godwin Blvd

5968 Godwin Blvd

5933 Godwin Blvd

Birch Ln X Godwin Blvd

5801 Godwin Blvd

5747 Godwin Blvd

5743 Godwin Blvd

5757 Godwin Blvd

Godwin Blvd X Eagle Ln

6778 Everets Rd

6713 Everets Rd

6517 Everets Rd

6505 Everets Rd

6505 Everets Rd

6517 Everets Rd

900 Kirk Rd

Oakland Elementary School 8:32


Route 5

Brackley Ct X Ashford Dr 8:03

Ashford Dr X Foxworth Cir X Foxworth Ct

Ashford Dr X Dunbar Dr (1)

Ashford Dr X Dunbar Dr (2)

Berkshire Blvd X Justin Ct

Keaton Way X Berkshire Blvd

Berkshire Blvd X Kemp Lndg

Rountable Ct X Berkshire Blvd

Oakland Elementary School 8:27


Route 6

1000 Litton Ln 8:08

Catapult Ct X Squire Reach

154 Squire Reach

Squire Reach X Majestic Dr

Majestic Dr N & Majestic Dr S

148 Majestic Dr

Oakland Elementary School 8:31


Route 7

5596 Godwin Blvd 7:46

5573 Godwin Blvd

5557 Godwin Blvd

5464 Godwin Blvd

5335 Godwin Blvd

5185 Godwin Blvd

4649 Godwin Blvd

4425 GodwIn Blvd

4084 Godwin Blvd

4037 Godwin Blvd

114 Kingsdale Rd

118 Kingsdale Rd

119 Kingsdale Rd

124 Kingsdale Rd

125 Kingsdale Rd

155 Kingsdale Rd

212 Archers Dr

Lancelot Dr X Archers Dr

Jouster Way X Lancelot Dr

205 Archers Dr

Archers Dr X Tournament Ct

Foxworth Cir X Tournament Ct X Jouster Way

Riverfront Dr X Neal Ct

Riverfront Dr X Ram Ct

Harrell Dr X Cardinal Ln

5065 Godwin Blvd

5071 Godwin Blvd

5432 Godwin Blvd

Oakland Elementary School 8:27


Route 8

Wexford W X Wexford E 7:55

Wexford E X Wexford W

Kensington Blvd X Craftsman Cir

116 Roman Rd/Liberty Baptist Daycare

232 Jonathans Way

272 Jonathans Way

221 Fallawater Way

300 Festival Ct

233 Burnetts Way

316 Wood Duck Ct

113 Toddsbury Ct

106 White Hall Arch

Oakland Elementary School 8:23


Route 9

1464 Cherry Grove Rd N 7:58

1478 Cherry Grove Rd

Mustang Trl X Horseshoe Point Rd

6221 Godwin Blvd

145 Kings Hwy

Kings Hwy X Chuckatuck Ln

653 Kings Hwy

Shady Grove Ln X Bridge Point Trl E

Kings Hwy X Bridge Point Trl E X Cedar Creek Ln

6508 Ferry Point Rd

176 Kings Hwy

168 Kings Hwy

Meadowlot Ln X Kings Hwy

Oakland Elementary School 8:29


Route 10

Jester Cir X Gauntlet Way 8:06

Jester Cir X Stonehenge Dr

303 Gauntlet Way

Dana Dr X Gauntlet Way

105 Dana Dr

Nottingham Blvd X Archers Dr

115 Nottingham Blvd

Oakland Elementary School 8:29