Turlington Woods bus routes

Published 10:06 pm Friday, August 31, 2012

EDITOR’S NOTE: These routes will be revised regularly during the first month of school as new students enroll, students change zones, etc.

An “X” means the bus stop is located at the intersection of the two streets. For example, Smith X Wellons means the stop is at the corner of Smith and Wellons.

Students should arrive at least five minutes before schedule stop time, particularly as the routes are adjusted and fluctuate based on who rides the bus on any given day.

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If have questions about bus stop locations, email the director of transportation, Lonnie Reavis, at lonniereavis@spsk12.net.

Turlington Woods School


Route 1

1539 Dutch Rd 8:03

6100 Whaleyville Blvd

Turlington Woods 8:29


Route 2

2900 Ames Cove Dr 7:53

5620 Plummer Blvd

Ellington Ave X Townpoint Rd

3800 Pughsville Rd

1420 Wilroy Rd

Turlington Woods 8:29


Route 3

6243 Heather Glen Dr 7:50

167 Stoney Ridge Ave

6128 Brookwood Dr

6080 Camelia Dr

6000 Old College Dr

6012 Bradford Dr

Turlington Woods 8:29


Route 4

Briggs St X Myrick Ave 8:10

200 N 6th St

222 N 4th St

1008 Blythewood Ln

1409 Blythewood Ln

331 Culloden St

Dill Rd X Baker St

Dill Rd X Duke St

Turlington Woods 8:29


Route 5

Hill St X Central Ave 8:20

Mahan St X Church St

Charles St X Smith St

106 Kilby Ave

Turlington Woods 8:29


Route 6

9088 Eclipse Dr 7:53

6804 Crittenden Rd

116 Foxworth Cir

Turlington Woods 8:29