An affair of the heart

Published 10:14 pm Saturday, September 22, 2012

By Jon Ward

As my wife was packing up a minivan full of clothes and supplies before heading out for a month to visit friends and family out of state, I wondered what I would do with nearly a month of time on my hands and no wife around. Before I knew it, she and my children were nestled comfortably in their seats and starting on a long journey away from home.

Work, of course, would go on, but the thought of all of those nights in a quiet house with no one around was kind of depressing.

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Then it happened, another female walked by me and casually brushed up against me, as if she knew my wife was gone. She had the prettiest brown eyes and soft golden hair, and I could not hold back a smile.

I was hooked, and we were inseperable. She wanted to be around me all the time. She begged me to go to work with me, even if she had to sit in the truck and watch me work. Occasionally, she would get out, walk around, stretch her legs and come by to give me a kiss.

We had such a wonderful time that I felt kind of guilty not having my wife with me instead. We had many dinners out, since I don’t cook much. We went for a long walk on the beach in the evening hours and played around like children.

It was hard not to enjoy being around her. She never complained; she never cared what we did or were we went. She was just happy being with me.

Soon, she was sleeping in our bedroom, and many mornings she would be awake before me and just watch me. She never minded being with me nor had a harsh reaction to anything I did. She seemed perfect in every way.

I realized that I was not only just tolerating her and our relationship, but that I actually had a strong feeling of love for her. I started to spoil her. I enjoyed her company, while longing for my wife at the same time. She really helped me to get through that month without my wife. We formed a strong bond of love that to this day remains unbreakable.

All good things come to an end, and the day came when my wife and children were to return. I was caught between my love for two girls now. What was I supposed to do? I decided we should both wait for my wife and greet her upon her return.

My heart leapt as I saw my wife’s van approach. There I was, standing strong with my new love at my side in the doorway. My wife got out of her van, walked up to me, looked me dead in the eyes and asked, “Can I have my dog back now?”

That girl who had been such good company for me in my wife’s absence was the beautiful golden retriever, which I’d given my wife on Valentines day to show her how much I love her.

Enjoy Life and its little moments. They are the best entertainment you can ever have.

Jon Ward lives in Eclipse. Email him at