Church choir is Disney-bound

Published 10:56 pm Saturday, September 22, 2012

Planes, trains or automobiles — congregants from St. Andrews Presbyterian Church on Bridge Road will get to Disney World any way they can for some special musical performances at the end of the year.

Members of the church’s chancel choir will let their voices be heard when they join a 500-strong candlelight processional at Disney World’s Epcot.

Part-time Music Director Joey Parrish also said that the St. Andrew’s handbell choir, whose members range from sixth-graders through senior citizens, will take to the stage, as well.

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“This is the second time we’re going to Disney World,” Parrish said. “We take two groups, plus others and families go along with us.”

Parrish, in his 11th year of leading the church’s music program, said the excursions are an annual affair.

Previous trips have included a Bahamas cruise, Washington, and a performance in New York City last year.

“It’s always a fun time for our members,” Parrish said. “We love it.”

Those going will make their own way to Orlando, he said, adding, “Several are planning to rent a 15-passenger van.”

“College kids are taking the train down,” he continued. “Everybody’s getting down there, and we’re meeting up on the 27th.”

The St. Andrews crew will enjoy fireworks at Epcot on New Years Eve, and itineraries are being finessed to experience as much of Disney World as possible.

“Everybody’s very excited, from 6-year-olds counting down the days … to a 36-year-old man who’s spent hours creating spreadsheets so he can hit all the rides,” Parrish said.

“A 65-year-old woman is trying to find the right shoes so she’s comfortable for the performance. Everybody’s extremely excited.”

The church works hard to involve children in its music program, Parrish said, including in the choir, chimes group and handbell group.

“It’s just a very growing church and really exciting time for us,” he said.

The music department will expand in the near future when the church opens a new wing for education programs, he added.