Your chance to be a fly on the wall

Published 8:59 pm Wednesday, October 3, 2012

As 2012 enters into fall, I got to thinking how the last few years have offered a series of firsts for me.

In 2010, right before I accepted a job at the Suffolk News-Herald, I visited Suffolk for the first time. In September of that year, I began writing columns for the News-Herald.

October 2011 marked the first time I had visited the Peanut Festival, due to unforeseen circumstances keeping me away from the hallowed event in 2010.

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I thought my firsts in Suffolk might be over this year, but not so.

This year I shall be designing a newspaper while outside. The feat will mark the first time I’ve ever done such a thing. In fact, it’s the first time our newspaper has tried anything like this. And we invite you to watch us.

That’s right, Suffolk. The Suffolk News-Herald is heading to the Peanut Fest to put together our Saturday and Sunday editions from the fairgrounds.

For us, this means we will prove that we can put out a quality paper in any condition. It’s been done through tornados, hurricanes and power outages, why not during something fun, like a festival?

For festivalgoers, the decision means that you finally get to be a fly on the wall in our newsroom. Ever wonder how we decide what to put at the top of a page? Or maybe you’re curious about how long it really takes to finish a page. Maybe you want to know why we run a story on Saturday instead of Sunday.

Well Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon will be your chance to find out. We’re moving our newsroom to the News-Herald’s tent at the festival. Our reporters will write stories there. Our editor will polish stories there. And yours truly, along with the other half of the News-Herald’s intrepid design desk, will design pages right in front of you.

This truly is a chance to see how we put together your paper, Suffolk. So feel free to observe, ask questions and even contribute your photos from the festival. We look forward to seeing you there.