Portsmouth’s premier politician

Published 12:29 am Sunday, October 7, 2012

(Nov. 24, 1926-Oct. 5, 2012)

On Friday, Oct. 5, 2012, Dr. James W. Holley III

Left our hearts, minds and souls perturbed and disturbed.

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He transcended this earthly, temporal realm that we all know

To inherit all the eternal promises and platitudes that God will bestow.

The ultimate Mayor of Portsmouth left here in this mortal world

This huge family of loved ones and friends only God could unfurl.

He left the love of his life, his offspring and many siblings galore;

That will cherish his manifestations, his memories and his love forevermore.

This magnificent mayor fought a challenging and continuous fight;

Until the very moment his mortal soul took its eternal flight.

If he were here with us on any other very somber day,

He would tell us all he had completed and conquered his stay.

The care, comfort, compassion, condolences and love that we now give

Are but a personal testimonial of how triumphantly he did live.

He fought all of life’s battles and stood gracefully tall

Until this past Friday, when he answered God’s final, loving call.

He would ask us all not to mourn, not to pout or to cry,

But rather that we live to meet him far beyond this earthly sky.

So we say fare thee well to one of God’s very best,

Who has now gone to take his final and eternal rest.

Sleep on Mayor James W. Holley III

As we consider and contemplate all of the achievements that you stirred.

We will meet you after our life’s final steps;

But for now we are just speechless and bereft.

Rev. Dr. John Elvey Jones