Johnson works hard for Suffolk

Published 8:35 pm Monday, October 8, 2012

To the editor:

Having served two years with Mayor Linda Johnson on the Suffolk City Council, I can say she has Suffolk very much in her heart. I personally know she will continue working hard for the city. She will always do what she thinks is right.

No one is perfect. She may have made a few mistakes, just like you and I. When these are brought to her attention, she goes back and corrects whatever the mistake may have been. The mayor is an outstanding leader.

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Mayor Johnson has worked hard with the City Council. She listens to all sides of an issue from both council members and city staff and makes her decisions in accordance with what is best for Suffolk citizens.

Under Mayor Johnson’s leadership, several thousand jobs have been created in the fields of retail, warehouses, logistics, high technology and civil services. Those jobs were created by enticing new businesses to the city and convincing existing businesses to invest millions of dollars into Suffolk.

These new and existing businesses have kept our taxes lower than most of the cities in the Tidewater area. At the same time, we have high standards for public services and public education.

During the past four years, Mayor Johnson has worked hard to get our bond rating to AAA, reducing the cost of bonds by millions of dollars.

Mayor Johnson believes in public education and has worked hard to fund four new schools during her time on City Council and as mayor. More than half of the city’s taxes go to support public education.

Mayor Johnson is also an avid supporter of public safety. She led the effort to modernize and update buildings and equipment throughout the city for the fire department, the police department and emergency services.

Now is not the time to elect a different mayor. Mayor Johnson has done a great job and has many more plans for the future of Suffolk. More new jobs and new businesses, high standards in education and low taxes are among those plans. Now is not the time to start over again.

Vote for the top of the ladder in the city of Suffolk. Vote for Linda Johnson.

W. Rufus Powell

Former council member and former vice mayor