Bennett is ‘man for the people’

Published 10:35 pm Thursday, October 18, 2012

To the editor:

My family moved here from Seattle. We have come to love this city and cannot imagine living anywhere else. Suffolk is home.

I have never involved myself in politics and refuse to affiliate with a specific party. I vote for whom I believe to be the best person for the job at any level. I read up on the candidates and initiatives and vote as I choose. No more. No less.

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Until this year and the race for Suffolk mayor. Until I met Mr. Leroy Bennett.

Not only is Mr. Bennett a kindhearted and wonderful man, but he has a great mind and plans for our city. I have seen what a great leader he has been as a councilman and how he has chosen to vote based on what he believes is right for our city and our citizens.

I have seen how he doesn’t give in to the pressure of voting to go along with others on the council just to remain in good graces. Despite the flack he receives for this, he remains steadfast in his beliefs, because he is a citizen of this city and everything it contains is important to him.

I have seen a steady decrease in the quality of education and a steady increase in upset citizens vying for a change in this city, but so many are afraid to hope for that change.

I and many other parents and teachers that I’ve spoken to have major concerns over the quality of our education system. In the last four years alone, this has been a widely discussed topic. We are angry, disgusted and frustrated that there is so little we can do to change our children’s educational path. Most cannot afford private tuition. And why should we? After all, this is where some of our tax dollars go, right?

At a time when our children need us most, the current mayor has an agenda to cut our education budget (yet give raises for city staff)!

By cutting education, we fail our schools, we betray the confidence we should have in our teachers and we give up on our children’s future and the hope for their education.

I, for one, refuse to do that.

The future of our children and their education is near and dear to Mr. Bennett’s heart. When you see him, talk with him, and he will tell you how much it means to him.

Every time I see Mr. Bennett, I can’t help but smile and know, “Now there’s a man for the people and who’s going to make a positive change.”

This is why I will wholeheartedly cast my vote for Leroy Bennett for Suffolk Mayor. I sincerely hope you will do the same.

S.M. Cortez