Program has benefits

Published 9:07 pm Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Even a for-profit program can have significant benefits for students in Suffolk Public Schools.

That’s what the three schools that have managed to pull the Bricks 4 Kidz program into their buildings are finding. Through the program, kids are able to listen to a speaker on a topic and then make put together models from Lego kits of something pertaining to the topic.

Recently, for example, children at Kilby Shores Elementary School heard about the 1969 trip to the moon and then built miniature models of the lander module.

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The idea is to incorporate lessons about history, geography and other disciplines into an interactive session that also incorporates science, technology, engineering and math. They also learn spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination and teamwork, according to Robin Frazier of the Bricks 4 Kids program.

But the weekly science enrichment classes cost parents $20 per child for the six-week sessions, so the school division won’t let them in the schools unless they pay to rent the facility.

A few schools have come up with solutions, however. At Kilby Shores, the PTA partnered with the program. Driver and Florence Bowser elementary schools formed a Partners-in-Education relationship with the group.

The skills being taught in this program are important for students. Individual schools should look closely at the program and, if they think it is something that will benefit their students, come up with a way to bring it to the school.