SPSA: No odor complaints

Published 9:25 pm Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A few residents in the Nansemond Parkway area have reported smelling a foul odor again emanating from the nearby landfill in recent months, but officials say they have not received any complaints.

With winter approaching, they are dreading a repeat of the winter and early spring of 2009-2010, when the stench affected the area so badly that people complained of health concerns such as headaches, nausea and nosebleeds, and some residents even tried to sell their homes.

Rowland Taylor, executive director of Southeastern Public Service Authority, which owns the landfill, said no complaints have been received in recent months. All he has heard about it, he said, is when the Suffolk News-Herald asked him about it after receiving complaints via email and Facebook.

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“We believe that was during the time that we had some work on an extension of a well and the landfill gas condensate line,” Taylor said at September’s SPSA board meeting. “There is a tendency to get some odor when the digging of the trenches has to be done. That was very short-lived and the contractor has finished the work.”

He elaborated after Wednesday’s October board meeting that some work may be ongoing at the landfill that could contribute to some release of odor.

Landfill staff continues mitigation efforts it started when the problem took place, Taylor said. However, he added, “Maybe we need to pick up (more) spraying.”

Taylor encouraged residents who detect the odor to report it to the landfill’s odor hotline at 417-5251. Callers should report the exact date, time and location where they were affected and try to describe the smell. Messages are checked daily, according to SPSA personnel.

“We need to know exactly where it is,” Taylor said.

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