Report suspected child abuse

Published 10:56 pm Friday, October 26, 2012

Child abuse is always reprehensible, but when a fatality occurs, the aftermath is even sadder.

People want to know why nothing was done before the abuse escalated to deadly violence, and why a person would even want to hurt a child in the first place.

Some Suffolk residents have been grieving for a relative since Oct. 16, when a young West Virginia relative, Aydin Mason Toler Walls, died allegedly at the hands of his mother’s boyfriend. Police say the boy, who was a month shy of his third birthday, was shoved into a door frame, causing massive head injuries.

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The suspect has been charged with murder, but that’s little comfort to anybody involved in the situation.

So the Virginia family members did the only thing they knew to do — they organized a candlelight vigil to remember Aydin and call attention to the problem of child abuse.

Child abuse is a serious problem in America. According to, America has the worst record in the industrialized world for child abuse fatalities, losing more than five children per day because of abuse-related injuries.

Children that do survive suffer consequences throughout their lives. According to, children who were abused are more likely to experience teen pregnancy, end up in the court system, have a psychological disorder, abuse drugs and abuse their own children later in life.

It is unfortunately too late for little Aydin, but you can help children right here in Suffolk if you suspect child abuse. Call 514-7458 or 1-800-552-7096 to report it.