Land transfers for Oct. 19-25

Published 2:55 pm Saturday, October 27, 2012

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


Oct. 19-25

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Glasser and Glasser PLC, trustee, to Branch Banking and Trust Company; 1533 Glen Haven Drive; $142,600


Calvin R. Held to Carlton L. Ragland; 108 Torrington Circle; $591,100


Joshua Pretlow Jr., special commissioner, to Annette M. Ranni; 1540 Lake Speight Drive; $129,500


Robert J. Holm to Peter M. Panagotopulos; 3509 Farrier Cove; $222,200


Brenda B. Person to Joe Copeland Jr.; 2012 Smalleys Dam Circle; $312,300


Randall K. Williams to Eunice Williams; Elm Street; $70,800


Fannie Mae to Indigo Properties LLC; 206 Dumville Lane; $41,600


JP Morgan Chase Bank to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 6321 Scottsfield Drive; $230,545.72


John R. Tomkins to Carlesi Construction Inc.; 105 Tee Box Lane; $67,500


Amy S. Arnoux to Charles W. Smith; 5909 Wayne Ave.; $230,000


Parker Crossing LLC to Justin L. Shelton; 2664 River Watch Drive; $280,708


Connie Green Allen to Ralph O. Babb; 526 Babbtown Road; $82,900


Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Marquis A. Norton; 2306 Juniper Lane; $339,802


The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Robert McClung; 6109 Kent Court; $191,200


Virginia Housing Development Authority to Alison C. Battaglia; 2605 Badger Road; $168,700


Kensington Park LLC to Anthony J. Mack; 236 Craftsman Circle; $179,900


Steven Jeffrey Lander to Brandon P. Gomes; 111 Lake Front Drive; $284,400


Yamilett T. Randolph to United States of America and its assigns acting by and through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; 3007 Billings Drive; $247,743.36


United States of America to Roderick J. Richardson; 3007 Billings Drive; $173,400


Barbara J. Harris to Alfredo Rocha Jr.; 201 Crown Arch; $245,900


James W. Little III to Shane N. Graser; 2106 Canvasback Drive; $314,900


Shane N. Graser to Patricia Johnson; 1108 Buoy Court; $160,000


Equity Trustees LLC, trustee, to HSBC Bank USA National Association; 2204 White Marsh Road; $191,000


Harry J. Allen to Lavern D. Boone; 408 Causey Ave.; $128,100


Sean Brown to Adam Rice; 304 Highland Ave.; $167,600


H.M. Austin to Brenda Ingersoll; Lake Prince Farms lot; $150,000


The Secretary of (description not completed) to Ysmael Valmeo; 649 Lummis Road; $161,600


Frances A. Martin, trustee, to Sarah E. Wood; 103 Longwood Ave.; $183,000


Katherina N. Twine to Wells Fargo Bank; 1207 Truman Road; $141,600


Robert McClung to Thomas D. Stangler; 4629 Schooner Blvd.; $270,000


EH Pooled 612 LP to Ricky Wamble; 2130 Florida Ave.; $48,000


Sandler at Graystone LLC to Angel F. Acevedo; 3200 Clearcreek Road; $261,627


Roy Walton Mozingo to Destin C. Evans; 300 Kingsale Road; $231,800


Ronald D. Chapin to Daniel V. Gonzalez; 111 Hawks Nest Lane; $404,500