Byrum’s ‘passion, dedication’ are needed

Published 9:09 pm Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To the editor:

Now is the time to make some very important decisions. One decision is for a School Board member in the Whaleyville Borough. The person that is highly qualified for this position is Phyllis Byrum.

I have been an employee of Suffolk Public Schools as a bookkeeper for several years. I have seen Mrs. Byrum in action in several capacities. As a teacher of both my children, she was caring and dedicated. Phyllis Byrum has carried the same qualities as a School Board member.

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She has been very supportive and works hard to protect the jobs of employees of Suffolk Public Schools. Her dedication and passion is shown through her willingness to listen to concerns, take action when required and dig for answers when needed. Mrs. Byrum makes herself available and makes time for our schools.

Phyllis Byrum is a champion and advocate for the children, teachers and staff of Suffolk Public Schools. We need her to continue her passion and dedication as a valuable School Board member.

Please vote for Phyllis Byrum so that our children will continue to shine.

Polly Stevens