Suffolk needs a change

Published 9:31 pm Thursday, November 1, 2012

To the editor:

I am supporting Art Bredemeyer for mayor of Suffolk, because he represents change. While the other two candidates have been on City Council for 12 years or more apiece, Art Bredemeyer is offering a new perspective.

He is an attorney with experience in government and tax law. He is a veteran who served this country for 20 years. He has served his community on the Suffolk Airport Commission and the Craney Island Commission and was appointed by the governor to serve on the Hampton Roads Sanitation District.

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Art Bredemeyer is running to bring FAIR government to Suffolk. By FAIR, he means Fiscally conservative, Accountable, Independent and Responsive government. He will work to lower taxes and fees while cutting spending. He will diversify our business base from more than warehousing, and he will place an emphasis on small businesses.

He will make city government transparent and accountable to the citizens. He will hold a public forum each year in each of the seven boroughs. He will be independent-minded and free of the influence of special interests, unlike the current administration.

Art Bredemeyer is a consensus builder, not a divider. He is uniquely qualified to reform city policies and lead Suffolk in realizing its unlimited potential. Art will not merely take the senior staff’s word, but instead challenge them to prove their assertions.

On Tuesday, you should vote for a change in the way our city operates. Vote Art Bredemeyer for mayor.

Benjamin Goldberg