Final results: Johnson re-elected, Barclay ousted

Published 11:09 pm Wednesday, November 7, 2012

After election officials counted absentee ballots all day on Wednesday, Mayor Linda T. Johnson was declared the winner of the Suffolk mayor’s race by a 326-vote margin over her closest competitor.

“I’m pleased,” Johnson said. “It’s a win, and I’ll take it. I’m ready to work for four more years.”

The close margin entitles Councilman Leroy Bennett to a recount by state law, although it is not yet clear if he will avail himself of that option. At Wednesday night’s City Council meeting, he said he still had not seen the official absentee results.

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“I’m going to still be a voice for the people,” he said. “I’ll be an advocate for the people.”

Bennett said he is looking forward to enjoying retirement more and committing more time to being a deacon at his church.

Bennett didn’t rule out a run at the Cypress borough seat in 2014, or another shot at the mayor’s seat in 2016.

A third contender, Art Bredemeyer, earned 4,419 votes for almost 11 percent of the vote. Bennett’s percentage was 44.04 percent, while Johnson’s was 44.84 percent.

In the Nansemond borough race for City Council, it also came down to absentee ballots. After they were counted, challenger Lue Ward emerged victorious by 79 votes over incumbent Robert Barclay.

Ward refused to comment on his win at Wednesday’s City Council meeting. Barclay did not attend the meeting because of health problems.

Barclay is not entitled to a recount because the margin of victory was more than 1 percent.

Final results of other races were as follows:

City Council member — Sleepy Hole borough

Roger Fawcett — 2,445 (40.83%)

Kevin Alston — 1,862 (31.1%)

Raymond Batton — 1,660 (27.72%)

Write-ins — 21 (.35%)

City Council member — Whaleyville borough

Curtis Milteer — 5,041 (98.63%)

Write-ins — 70 (1.37%)

School Board member — Whaleyville borough

Phyllis Byrum — 3,033 (56.06%)

Marion Flood — 2,363 (43.68%)

Write-ins — 14 (.26%)

School Board member — Sleepy Hole borough

Diane Foster — 5,428 (98.48%)

Write-ins — 84 (1.52%)

School Board member — Nansemond borough

Judith Brooks Buck — 4,587 (99.18%)

Write-ins — 38 (.82%)