Dependency and taxes

Published 8:40 pm Saturday, November 17, 2012

We all accept that governments at all levels looks to the citizens for what they spend. Government in and of itself has no means other than at the federal level, to print or create money or to create economic value, which they take that from us all. We are now seeing the Federal Reserve Bank for the third time expanding the money supply and potentially driving future inflation up, another way of taking.

Government spending is the most sought-after drug in the world. It makes the politician more popular, the recipient happier, and supposedly the economy rosy and growing daisies. But, it is in the hardest sense only a method to capture dependency for political support, which is as addictive a drug as crack cocaine. Today, the government confiscates from our economy over forty-eight percent of all spending. Smart politicians describe it as “investments in our futures”; however most people know that is a farce. It is a fairy-tale politician’s bark to let you know they can spend your money better than you do, and they cannot.

Harnessed to this painful demand upon the citizenry is the well-worn understanding that the politician is not speaking the same truth held at the kitchen table in our homes. It is a truth that is malleable and can bend in bizarre ways. It is a truth that just is not “true,” and we all know such when we see it.

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We have all seen local, state and federal taxes rise, along with the cost of all we need and buy. We have also heard that taxes have been lowered and inflation is non-existent. This is the difference in truth that the citizens know and “truth” the politician wants us to believe.

There, however, is another sorrow that is not much spoken of, or even well-known. This pain is found in the dependency for those who get and accept the implied obligation they have to the career politicians who provide it all. Dependency and the expectation of a right to others’ money is the perhaps the most troubling of all the issues attached to our present situation.

It is troubling to see politicians’ re-elected term after term, by the dependent voter who bought them. Are they are literally willing to kill the golden goose? One only has to look at the twisted term of “paying your fair share” to see that. What is fair and to whom is it fair?

We are about to tumble over the dark abyss. It is possible to see within one generation the unraveling of a great country, by vote buying through dependency and greed. Such will enslave the system in unbearable demands, by political elites that care little about our futures. It is time for real and profound change, or the suffering is just beginning in our once great country.

Roger Leonard is from Suffolk. Email him at