Men in Blue

Published 9:35 pm Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Hometown Heroes


Have you ever taken time to say thank you for their heroic deeds each day?

Have you ever taken time to remember them as you pray?

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They risk their lives as we sleep,

Treating everyone with respect and caring kindness within their reach.


They seek justice with all their might,

Correcting wrongs to make them right.

They put themselves in harm’s way

By dawn’s early light and throughout the night.


As their lives are honor-bound,

They tirelessly do their duty to serve our hometown

And some even sacrifice

Their lives for us.


Watching over us — protecting us from all harm —

They enforce the law wherever they’ve trod,

And as they travel, they go with God.


Dedicated to the men and women serving in the city’s police, fire and rescue departments and to all those who keep us safe, here in our country and around the world.


Catherine Warrington King