Land transfers for Dec. 28 – Jan. 3

Published 6:21 pm Saturday, January 5, 2013

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


Dec. 28-Jan. 3

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New Port LLC to Vanessa Imani Gordon; 3112 Stonecreek Drive; $239,900


Ankh 1 LLC to Suffolk Real Estate Investments LLC; 176 Tynes St.; $730,580


Ankh 2 LLC to Suffolk Real Estate Investments LLC; 417 Webb St.; $462,000


Terry Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Ronald Anderson Wells; 3000 Duke of Norfolk St.; $221,500


Douglas J. Carragher to Thomas J. Baldwin; 214 Crown Arch; $301,300


Roger A. Prado to Brett C. Fleming; 4307 Darden Farm Lane; $274,000


US Bank National Association as successor trustee to Bank of America as successor to LaSalle Bank as trustee for GSAA Home Equity Trust to Alex Thai Dinh Vo; 406 Calvin St.; $272,700


Jessie Lee Lamb to Brandon D. Schoonover; 313 Westwood Drive; $204,500


HSBC Bank USA to Avis Hawkins; 721 Brook Ave.; $45,400


Roy A. Runyon III to Margaret W. Gartman; 8017 Clubhouse Drive; $172,500


Kevin Moore to Tessa Liska; 805 Walnut Park Drive; $191,575


Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Michael T. Potter; 1488 Elderberry Road; $301,000


New Port LLC to David Gomez; 3111 Stonecreek Drive; $246,153


Fannie Mae to Gene F. Aston; 421 Brewers Creek Lane; $165,700


International Paper Company to Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation; 9050 Corinth Chapel Road; $1,000,000


William M. Flythe Sr. to Kevin M. Cooke; 9389 New Road; $100,000


Trimco LLC to Navin R. Johnson Properties LLC; 1255 Old Somerton Road; $117,200


Reese Smith Construction LLC to Elizabeth W. Keever; 2013 Quarter Horse Lane; $395,700


Cu Tien Troung to Hattie O. Hamlin; 1532 Lake Speight Drive; $124,700


James A. Cox to Kevin Bridges; 5008 Topsail Court; $506,700


Mary Byrd Hedgebeth to William A. Crook II; 4128 Holland Road; $112,600


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C. to Porsha Eanes; 6035 Rollingwood St.; $171,000


CMH Homes Inc. to Daniel Webb; 3976 Vicksburg Road; $335,000


Alice H. O’Connor as trustee to 315 W. Washington St. LLC; 314 W. Washington St.; $165,900


Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Xavier D. Teal; 3305 Burlington St.; $183,100


EH Pooled 412 LP to VFS Lending JV LLC; 424 Linden Ave.; $56,600


Bank of New York Mellon to Ifeoluwa Shorunke; 3010 Billings Drive; $173,100


Bank of New York Mellon to Real Property Restorations LLC; 3028 Silver Charm Circle; $260,400


Old Time Way Ministries Inc. to JSW Services LLC; 1136 Portsmouth Blvd; $87,200


Schuyler Schildt as successor trustee to Kenneth B. Madray; 2762 Burning Tree Lane; $289,900


Quincy O. Lucas to PBIF LLC; 3 acres at Pughsville School area; $70,000


Lloyd H. Howell to Johnathon D. Jackson; 3020 Driver Station Way West; $264,000


Michael J. Grimes to Thomas M. Bunting; 858 Manning Road; $373,700


East Washington Street LLC to Circle of Friends LLC; 127 E. Washington St.; $1,560,100


Nicole Rutter FKA to Dreizehn GMBH LLC; 2701 Waters Edge Lane; $174,900


Ehlman Properties LLC to Charles Parr; 400 W. Washington St.; $95,000


Ankh 1 LLC to Robert P. Weeks; 2122 Kentucky Ave.; $73,200


Pine Tree Cove LLC to Ravi S. Khandpur; 5308 Shoal Creek Road; $275,400


Lori A. Dankmyer to Gilbert V. Fitzwater III; 3117 Caroline Crescent; $300,000


Shirley J. Ayers to David Muise; 2707 Gunston Drive; $205,000


Vicki L. Wilson Nichols to Daisy LLC; 1429 Holland Road; $168,100


James L. Ricks to Derrick W. Moore; 2712 S. Nansemond Drive; $159,400


Floyd E. Wilkins to Harbour Asset Servicing Inc.; 504 Murphy’s Mill Road; $138,800


Centerbrooke Investments LLC to SKC Centerbrooke LLC; 1024 Centerbrooke Lane; $872,990


Centerbrooke Venture LLC to SKCCenterbrooke LLC; 1024 Centerbrooke Lane; $872,990


Alna of De LLC to SKCCenterbrooke LLC; 1024 Centerbrooke Lane; $872,990


Bank of New York Mellon to Michael J. Wermer; 8808 Carters Cove Road; $266,300


Golden Heritage Homes LLC to Michael J. Grimes; 117 Lake Front Drive; $392,000


Ramona S. Riggs to Brian D. Hicks; 4920 Gardner Lane; $250,000


Federal National Mortgage Association to Jerome M. Deutsch; 145 Ashford Drive; $214,100


Gregory T. Boone to West Coast Realty Services Inc.; 6794 Corinth Chapel Road; $197,400


Robert H. Garrow to Nicole Harrison; 3668 Deerfield Drive; $166,000


Bank of New York to Michael Webster; 313 Peachwood Court; $242,400