Give credit where it’s due

Published 9:55 pm Friday, January 18, 2013

To the editor:

I’m writing regarding the letter to the editor in today’s paper “Suffolk woman sets example with rescue” by Susan Lawhorne.

It was a heartwarming story of someone who went far beyond what most people would do to help helpless animals.  I became aware of the story through Facebook. The only problem is that The Suffolk News Herald changed the name of the person. It was not Sue Woodward but Susan Woodward, who is formerly from Suffolk but now lives in Richmond.


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Susan Woodward deserves the credit as one of our “Hometown Heroes.”

 Patti Blair

Editor’s note: We apologize to Susan Woodward and her mother, Sue Woodward, for mixing up their names while editing the letter by Susan Lawhorne for Friday’s edition. Susan Woodward rescued the dogs in question and deserves the credit for doing so, though her mother said Friday she has helped nurse some of the dogs back to health.