Council should take leadership

Published 9:29 pm Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To the editor:

I live in Isle of Wight County, but I have been active in the past with the Suffolk Humane Society and the Suffolk Animal Care Center as a volunteer.

I can’t believe City Council chose to not take action regarding chaining dogs out for hours or, perhaps, for their entire lives.

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Dogs are pack animals and yearn for the companionship of their humans. They don’t get that interaction at the end of a chain.

Dogs that are chained have to eat and drink (if they are lucky) in the same area where they urinate and poop.

If only one dog is suffering this sort of life at the end of a chain, it is one dog too many. I urge the council not to be followers of other towns but to be leaders in doing the right thing for the animals in Suffolk.

Barbara Ament