Repeal the tax, cut spending

Published 7:46 pm Friday, January 25, 2013

To the editor:

The city manager’s $22,000 pay raise is nothing compared to the amount of money raised by last year’s tax increase imposed on all of us property owners by the Suffolk City Council.

The garbage/recycling tax brought in around $4 million to the city. This annual tax was called a fee, but it was the largest annual property tax increase in 30 years.

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Two elementary schools were closed by the School Board to save money, and the council promptly voted to spend $3 million to keep Robertson Elementary open as a recreation center, even though Whaleyville already has one.

The City Council approved spending $775,000 to dredge Bennett’s Creek, which benefits only a few citizens.

The City Council gave double the amount of the city manager’s raise to the following organizations: the Hampton Roads Partnership, the Planning District Commission, the Military Facilities Alliance and the Chamber of Commerce.

The City Council should repeal the garbage tax and cut unnecessary spending.

William H. Harward