School bus waiting policy needed

Published 9:04 pm Thursday, January 31, 2013

To the editor:

This past year I have had to drive on our back streets more often to get to work, and I have been amazed at how our school bus drivers coddle the children they drive to school each morning.

I have sat and watched these drivers stop in front of a house when no child is visible and then wait to see if the child comes out of the house.

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This morning at the corner of Country and Pleasant, I sat along with many other motorists as Bus 296 turned onto Country Road and then immediately stopped, switched on the flashers and waited for two minutes before the student appeared from the house. An adult then carried the child on his back and put him onto the bus steps — and then we waited another minute while the child took his time to be seated.

Why is this allowed? Why should one child be allowed to disrupt so many others from getting to their morning destinations? If the child is not at the bus stop, why should the bus driver even stop the bus?

This is another fine example we teach our children — that it’s OK to be late and force others to wait on me.

Is there a policy in place to cover this kind of situation for school bus drivers and the kids who ride our buses?

William Hirsch