‘Much room for common ground’

Published 9:06 pm Monday, February 11, 2013

To the editor:

Recent news has indicated that our gross domestic product is once again shrinking. It seems that our economy can’t catch a break, with bad news followed by even worse news.

Every month, we have a looming fiscal calamity and legislative priorities that if not taken care of would push us over the cliff or worse. It seems to me that Congress needs to take up proposals from various members of Congress that everyone can agree on.

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For example, Congressman J. Randy Forbes in the past has offered legislation, such as his “414 Plan,” that would eliminate red tape and jumpstart construction projects throughout the United States. Congressman Forbes has also offered the New Manhattan Project, an innovation-based award system that would reward those who are able to develop new energy-efficient technology.

While both parties hold onto their dogmas, I believe there is so much room for common ground, so much room for our nation to grow. Perhaps if every member of Congress came up with ideas such Congressman Forbes’, we’d finally have some good economic news.

G.A. Pelfrey

Colonial Heights