Thanks, Forbes, for thinking ahead

Published 10:16 pm Monday, February 18, 2013

To the editor:

During the next few months, Congress will once again have to address the lack of a budget, a continuing resolution and ways to fix our economy. The proverbial elephant in the room, known as sequestration, happens to be the spawn of the Budget Control Act.

While most of Washington’s leadership voted for its passage, Congressman Randy Forbes knew right away that the super committee would fail, and we would be in this exact situation today.

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The law mandates draconian cuts, and even worse, these cuts are to be imposed with very little analysis. Our national security is on the chopping block, thanks to the irresponsible actions of some in Washington.

Congressman Forbes knew all along that a vote for the super committee — a vote for the Budget Control Act — would only result in holding our economic stability hostage and, subsequently, boundless uncertainty for our armed forces.

Thank you, Randy Forbes, for having a strategic vision in your votes and for thinking ahead about the effects of legislation.

Margaret Fontaine

Colonial Heights