Police reports for Feb. 15-18

Published 8:53 pm Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 15


Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, Adkins Circle

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Simple assault, Planters Drive

Simple assault, Nancy Drive

Vandalism of private property, Bailey Circle

Motor vehicle theft, Great Fork Road

Hit and run, Pruden Boulevard

Grand larceny, Hampton Roads Parkway

Destruction of property, Wilroy Road

Simple assault, North Capital Street

Simple assault, Hawk Lane

Simple domestic assault, Lee Street

Violate protective order, Cameron Crossing

Vandalism of private property, West Constance Road



Wayne Bernard Manning, 27, contempt of court (M)

Coles Marke Mays, 40, failure to appear on a misdemeanor charge (M)

Elain Fafouina Tili, 25, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

Larry Edward Waters, 44, failure to comply with support obligations (M)

Stephen Fourth Im, 27, contempt of court (M)

Jeffery Nelson Johnson, 55, larceny or theft – third or subsequent offense (F)

Devin Deshawn Bush, 20, simple assault and battery (M)

Lonnie Donielle Reid, 33, revocation of suspended sentence (F)

Rodney Daniels, 55, obtaining money by false pretenses (F)

Jimmy Jay Woodley, 34, revocation of suspended sentence (F)

Jasmine Vellette Bridgewater, 20, assault and battery of a family member (M)


February 16


Simple assault, Hill Street

Simple assault, Market Street

Hit and run, Harbour Towne Parkway

Simple domestic assault, Sierra Drive

Petit larceny, North Main Street

Larceny – shoplifting, North Main Street

Simple assault, East Washington Street

Annoying phone calls, Gauntlet Way

Lost or stolen property, North Main Street

Larceny – third offense, Portsmouth Boulevard

Credit card/ATM fraud, North Main Street

Credit card/ATM fraud, Heather Glen Drive

Simple assault, East Washington Street

Simple domestic assault, Waterwheel Crescent

Simple assault, Adams Swamp Road

Credit card theft, Meade Drive

Destruction of property, North Division Street

Credit card/ATM fraud, Gauntlet Way



Sherry Shardae Cobb, 26, noise violation (M)

Leshawn Maurice Wheeler, 35, assault and battery of a family member (M)

Arnold Bradley Warren, 56, simple assault and battery (M)

Betsy Jones, 32, simple assault (M)

Rashawn Lamar Manley, 20, assault and battery of a family member (M)

Nicholas Ryan Chaney, 24, revocation of suspended sentence (F)

Linda Diane Douglas, 53, receiving stolen goods (M)

Derek Parker Evans, 33, revocation of suspended sentence (M)

Tonya R. Quimby, 40, leash law violation (M)

Larry Darnell Goldston, 51, concealment, price alter of merchandise valued at $200 or more (F)


February 17


Hit and run with property damage, Portsmouth Boulevard

Motor vehicle theft, Day Street

Simple domestic assault, Central Avenue

Runaway juvenile, Justin Court

Possession of marijuana, Route 164 and I-664



Johnie Ray Riddick, 50, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

Kendrell Lee Brown, 39, assault and battery of a family member (M)

Norris Steve Artis, 47, grand larceny (F)

Jerry Lee Goodman, 41, contempt of court (M)

Tomika Enjoli Eley, 32, annoying phone calls (M)

Jermaine Latrell Stallings, 22, possession of marijuana (M)

Maurice Dupree Epps, 32, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)


February 18


Hit and run, Portsmouth Boulevard

Breaking and entering into a residence, Kings Point Drive

Credit card/ATM fraud, Catapult Court

Simple domestic assault, South 5th Street

Larceny – shoplifting, College Drive

Identity theft, Belleharbour Circle

Identity theft, River Road

Grand larceny, Cherry Grove Road

Threatening phone calls, Henry Street

Simple domestic assault, Loblolly Court

Simple assault, Belleharbour Circle

Larceny – shoplifting, College Drive

Simple domestic assault, Godwin Boulevard

Hit and run, Holland Road

Providing false information to police, South 10th Street and Freeney Avenue

Annoying phone calls, Brookwood Court



John Earl Galbreath, 35, assault and battery of a family member (M)

Claudia Cierra Spriggs, 20, issuing bad checks for less than $200 (M)

Lloyd Keith Lesueur, 70, assault and battery of a family member (M)


M – Misdemeanor

F – Felony