Still looking for a home for Hope

Published 11:15 pm Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When I heard about the abandoned dog serendipitously found near the Suffolk Humane Society’s new home during the building’s ribbon-cutting ceremony last June, I couldn’t imagine how sick the dog actually was. It wasn’t until we were sent photos of the poor girl that I realized how emaciated, weak and in trouble she was.

Luckily for Hope, as she was later christened, she found her way into the arms of the humane society and the incredible people who make that group special. After nursing Hope back to health, the society has hunted in vain for a new family for the female pit bull-mix. It’s disheartening sometimes to know that a sweet girl like Hope could have so much trouble finding a new family.

But Hope is not alone. The society works hard to place the many dogs, cats and other animals that find their way into their care, but it is a long and costly process. And judging by the constant adopt-a-thon notices we receive, it’s a never-ending process. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile.

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“They bring so much to our lives, and they don’t ask for anything,” Interim Executive Director Michele Thames told our reporter recently. “It’s the least we can do to make sure they’re not treated cruelly.”

As a proud owner of an adopted mutt, I fully support this sentiment and the mission of groups like the humane society. And finding new homes for animals isn’t the only praiseworthy program they have going for them. From the BARKS (Books And Reading for Kids in Suffolk) program to the annual Mutt Strut, the society brings much to the Suffolk community.

Which is why the organization made our list of the top 25 reasons we love Suffolk. The full list will be in our annual Strides publication, set to hit the streets in Sunday’s Suffolk News-Herald.

If anyone can find an abandoned pet a new forever home, it’s the Suffolk Humane Society. Which means Hope and all of Suffolk’s homeless pets are in good hands.