Support the library, discover new books

Published 8:52 pm Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I don’t visit a new city without hunting for a used bookstore. From the first daytrip I took to Williamsburg several years ago to a weekend adventure in Portland, Ore., three years ago, used bookstores are always a must-visit attractions for me. Some of my favorite mementos of these trips are the used books I picked up in this or that city.

In Williamsburg, I discovered my favorite Kurt Vonnegut book in a used bookstore packed to the brim with books. Hiding among its brittle pages was a ticket to a high school production of Hamlet from the 1980s. I still use it as a bookmark.

In Portland, I bought a container gardening book on a whim in a store hiding in the basement of a restaurant. I loved it because of the sweet sketches of plants placed onto blank pages by the previous owner. Notes in the margins even helped me revive a rosemary plant that almost died last year.

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Not every city has a used bookstore, but luckily for Suffolkians, you don’t need one.

Most months, the Friends of the Suffolk Library offer their very own two-day used book sale, offering books, CDs and DVDs in quality condition to those willing to go on a short hunt through the collection. Not only can you get some excellent finds at rock-bottom prices — most items are less than $2 — all purchases go to support the wide variety of community programs sponsored by the Suffolk Public Library System. From valuable computer classes to children’s storytime events to fun craft workshops, the Suffolk Library rarely gets the recognition it deserves for the many ways it supports the community.

And in exchange for your support, you get a chance to discover some new books, audiobooks or movies that you couldn’t afford anywhere else.

The sales are offered the first Friday and Saturday of the month, with the next sale being held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 1 and March 2 at 300 Carolina Road.

If you want to lend even more of helping hand to the library, you can volunteer with the Friends of the Suffolk Library. For more information, find their Facebook page listed under “Friends of the Suffolk Library,” or visit