Universal checks would lead to confiscation

Published 9:28 pm Monday, March 4, 2013

To the editor:

I would like to respond to Ben Goldberg’s recent letter, which supported a “universal” background check for gun purchases.

The liberal media tells us the universal background check is supported by the majority of the American people, including most gun owners. I doubt that, but think that there is a need to help everyone understand that if the universal background check becomes law, then any transfer (not necessarily a sale) of a gun to anyone, including transfers within families, would require an FBI background check of the recipient.

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But the worst effect would likely be the establishment of federal gun registration, a necessary step toward eventual confiscation.

We all must realize that that is clearly the ultimate goal of the lefties to disarm us, no matter what the Constitution states. They want maximum control of the American people by further empowering the federal government, so they can take “better” care of us as they consider fair and appropriate. That kind of attitude defines socialism.

Also, the existing FBI background check has effectively prevented most criminals from legally buying guns. But most are not prosecuted for falsifying the application. The result? They will get a gun some other way.

The IRS can and does prosecute anyone submitting a false 1040. Why not prosecute for false gun-purchase applications? Vice President Joe Biden says that’s too costly, but he still insists on more gun-control laws.

Ron Pyle