Fix landfill problems now, not later

Published 9:37 pm Saturday, March 23, 2013

To the editor:

It has come to my attention that the landfill in Suffolk has numerous problems that are hazardous to the environment. What started off as just a foul odor has exposed the real issues of the landfill.

High temperatures in what is called Cell V are reaching up to 190 degrees, risking the melting of the protective liner underground. If this liner is compromised, many toxins can leak into the surrounding environment. In Cell VI, methane gas has been reported seeping from the ground at levels that exceed regulation.

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With these serious problems at hand, the Southeastern Public Service Authority, the owner of the landfill, has delayed developing a solution for the landfill’s high temperatures and methane release. An explosion or harsh chemical reaction is on the verge of breaking loose.

This is a huge environmental hazard and should be dealt with at once. I’m sure the taxpayers of Suffolk and the surrounding Hampton Roads area would rather have their money spent fixing the issues now, than face the expenditures when the problem reaches its climax and harms the environment.

Wendy Zolinski