Just because someone said so

Published 10:10 pm Thursday, March 28, 2013

To the editor:

Do you remember when you were young and your dad gave you that age old answer “because I say so”? Well that is apparently good enough for the citizens of Virginia.

In Tidewater we have a bridge tunnel erroneously named “Monitor-Merrimac Bridge Tunnel.” It is erroneous because the USS Monitor never fought the CSS Merrimack. There never was a CSS Merrimack.


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The USS Merrimack was a sail and steam powered frigate commissioned in February 1856. The USS Merrimack was burned and sunk in dock to prevent capture on April 20, 1861.

The ship that actually fought the USS Monitor was the CSS Virginia. The CSS Virginia was a steam-driven ironclad built on the remains of the USS Merrimack. The CSS Virginia was commissioned Feb. 17, 1862.

So why does everyone say the Monitor and Merrimac? Why do we teach our children false history? Why do we accept information that is contrary to the facts?

Just because someone said so.

Chris Dove