Thanks for service

Published 8:38 pm Thursday, April 4, 2013

After serving a decade and a half in Virginia’s General Assembly, Sen. Harry Blevins on Wednesday announced he will be taking a well-deserved break.

He is retiring in the middle of his term to focus on health concerns, Blevins said.

Though Suffolk was only part of the Chesapeake resident’s district for the past year and a half, Blevins welcomed the additional constituents and participated in the city’s legislative dinner in his first year.

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As a former high school principal and coach, education and health were close to Blevins’ heart, which is why he served on the Senate Education and Health Committee. “Harry really truly has the heart of an educator, and he’s carried that with him in all of his pursuits,” committee colleague Sen. Mark Obenshain said after Blevins’ announcement.

He also served on several other important and meaningful committees, including Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources, Local Government, and Transportation.

Sen. Thomas Norment, the Senate Majority Leader who also represents a sliver of Suffolk, said Blevins always did “what he believed was in the best interests of Virginia, regardless of the prevailing political winds.”

Obtaining and holding elected office is a difficult and thankless task, but it is a necessary part of democracy. Blevins took the challenge for 15 years, representing a large swath of Hampton Roads well.

We thank Sen. Blevins for his long service to the commonwealth and hope he will enjoy his retirement.