Land transfers for March 29-April 4

Published 6:31 pm Saturday, April 6, 2013

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


March 29-April 4

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Perry Wilson to Wanda Oliver; 6710 Glasgow St.; $259,900


Arch Bay Holding LLC to U.S. Bank National Association; 201 Sparrow Road; $135,200


Samuel I. White PC, trustee, to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas; 106 Brewer Ave.; $254,408


Patrick C. Walter to Renee Austin; 190 Squire Reach; $159,500


George Francis Hurley III to Mitchell A. Bauman; 210 S. Broad St.; $265,000


Today Homes Inc. to Damien A. Nicholson; 2009 Smalleys Dam Circle; $284,900


Cervoni Family Trust to Kelly L. Werner; 9501 River Crescent; $418,000


Fannie Mae to Christian L. Johnson; 4540 Ellington Ave.; $210,500


HarbourView Partners to Meridian HarbourView LLC; 6945 Harbour View Blvd.; $1,750,000


Baypoint LLC to Clifton G. Wiggins; 106 Hawks Nest Lane; $469,600


Kensington Park LLC to Therandal P. Epps; 226 Craftsman Circle; $199,900


Patty L. Darden to Federal National Mortgage Association; 116 Eagle Point Crescent; $184,800


Fannie Mae to Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority; 310 Lloyd St.; $109,500


Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Theodora Holland; 701 Battery Ave.; $129,000


Vantium REO Capital Markets LP to DeJeannette Blount; 427 Linden Ave.; $75,400


Joyce H. Turner to David A. James Sr.; 519 Jones St.; $297,100


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C., to Daniel James Supry; 195 Wexford Drive East; $155,100


Mark I. Stuffel to Kevin D. Harrison; 306 Cottage Court; $247,900


Kristopher J. Kyzar to Timothy J. Kelker; 4403 Carter Lane; $284,999


Richard D. Nelson to Craig L. Johnson; 718 E. Riverview Drive; $334,800


Stephen Alexander Homes LLC to John Reynolds; 115 Green Spring Drive; $598,409


Bank of New York Mellon to Floyd L. Forrest Jr.; 1701 Gunston Drive; $165,100


Julio H. Lara to Jose Torres; 1015 English Oak Drive; $251,600


Gregory E. Martin to Scott A. Richardson Jr.; 1922 White Marsh Road; $400,700


Douglas D. Craven to Martin C. Oard; 6756 Burbage Landing Circle; $370,000


Linwood Donald Smith to Cody Sanders; 6302 Liverpool Lane; $228,000


Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC to Henry T. Mason; 3463 Raintree Circle; $418,988


General Farms & Land Co. to Patricia W. Drames; 9.4 acres on Wynoke Trail; $55,900


Whitney A. Ketchum to Robert L. Hatfield; 420 Williams Road; $185,000


Jo Ann H. Rue to Clyde B. Williams; 9080 River Crescent; $398,500


Glenda B. Carr to Brian D. Atwood; 5011 Riverfront Drive; $473,700


Keith C. Kaufman to Lisa M. Coleman; 213 Princess Arch; $295,600


Rosemarie R. Uribe-Quintana to Pierre Hilaire; 5321 Marsh Landing Lane; $559,600


James E. Matthews to Action Property Group LLC; 130 River Point Drive; $114,200


Proceso J. Salacup II to Mark I. Stuffel; 3331 Nansemond Drive; $413,500


Simion M. Hollins to Jorge L. Melendez-Vitali; 3605 Hennesy Cup Way; $240,600


Legacy Highland Green LLC to Lawrence Romaine Jr.; 3001 Silver Charm Circle; $259,900


Clyde B. Williams to Deborah P. Butler; 5411 Sports Club Run; $306,900


Robert McClung to Jason B. Tremko; 6321 Scottsfield Drive; $199,200


D&B Properties Inc. to Frank J. Sutryk II; 4432 Brent St.; $133,700


John E. Holmstrom to Sonya R. Ansarov; 150 Rabey Farm Road; $285,000


Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek Square LLC to Benjamin K. Staley; 945D Vineyard Place; $221,835


TerryPeterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Danielle A. Jefferson; 129 Sharpe Drive; $341,967


Brian T. Rockey to Judy K. Haller-Kuklock; 8220 Harland Drive; $189,400


Southeastern Virginia Properties LLC to Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC; 3316 Forsythia Court; $110,614.86


Sonya R. Ansarov to United States of America; 2702 Waters Edge Lane; $207,778.62


Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 1507 Raven St.; $262,538.72


Stephen G. Seger III, by trustee, to Secretary of Veterans Affairs of Washington, D.C.; 1474 Spring Meadow Lane; $344,400


Branch Banking and Trust Company to Albert Hunsiker; 200 Tracy Drive; $260,900


Shore Investments LLC to Solomons Builders Inc.; 850 Wilroy Road; $62,800


DeutscheBank Trust Company Americas, by attorney-in-fact, to Norbert Trojanowski; 106 Brewer Ave.; $260,700


Darrel G. Swanigan to Jesse Roberts; 6302 N. Oakengate Drive; $295,000


Napolitano VII LLC to Stephen W. Cone; 362 Bob White Parkway; $369,957


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Malcolm S. Harris; 6202 Old Townpoint Road; $166,900


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ryan C. Harris; 406 Keaton Way; $177,200