Perry to hold book signings, talk on love

Published 10:55 pm Friday, April 12, 2013

A Paul D. Camp Community College staff member will hold book signings and talks in coming weeks at the college’s two campus libraries.

Carletta Perry, who holds a Doctor of Psychology degree, will sell and sign her book “A Good Man is Hard to Find … Or Is He?” at the events. Those who purchase the book will also gain admission to the talk, where Perry will answer relationship questions.

The Suffolk event will be held April 22 at the Hobbs Suffolk Campus Library. The Franklin event will be held at the Franklin PDCCC Library on April 29. Both book signings begin at 5 p.m., with the talk following at 6 p.m. The book cost is $20.

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Perry said she decided to write the book because she often sees women who complain they can’t find a good man. Usually, the problem is really that they are attracted to the wrong type of man, Perry said.

“We all have a type,” Perry said. “I meet a lot of women who are attracted to different types because you feel a certain need, or this person is attracted to you because they have a need.”

Perry said people’s types can result from many different things. Sometimes, women — intentionally or unintentionally — look for a man who is just like their father, or is the complete opposite of him.

“It’s a very interesting attraction,” Perry said. “You can have a lot of the similarities you’re trying to run from or what you admire.”

Childhood wounds can also affect women’s relationships, particularly in the area of trust, Perry said.

“I teach a lot about healthy relationships, learning how to trust and regain trust, who we’re attracted to, and also how to maintain healthy relationships and have healthy expectations.”

Many times, women “give away our trust a little too soon,” she said, and often learn the man they trusted “didn’t deserve your trust in the first place.”

Other women make mistakes later on in the relationship, when the “honeymoon phase” is over and they realize their man isn’t perfect. Perry said focusing on the marriages that stand the test of time can provide insight.

“That comes from people learning beforehand what to do and learning the skills that they need,” Perry said.

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