Rabbits need homes

Published 10:15 pm Friday, May 3, 2013

It’s hard not to allow your heart to melt when you hear about the possibility of a rabbit being shot.

That was the lesson Ellen Norris, hospital manager at Carrollton’s Animal Clinic of Eagle Harbor, learned recently when she heard about the plans for 22 rabbits kept by a hoarder in Louisiana.

Fortunately, the rabbits were rescued from the situation, and Norris, who heard about the animals’ plight from a former colleague, stepped in to help.


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The rabbits are now here in Virginia and up for adoption at the animal clinic.

When most folks think about abused, neglected or homeless animals, they usually think just about dogs and cats. But the truth is many types of domesticated animals and even livestock can find themselves in these situations as a result of cruel or careless owners, breeders and pet stores. Rabbits, as the current situation makes clear, are no exceptions, and neither are horses, hamsters, gerbils, birds, reptiles, insects, hermit crabs, pot-bellied pigs and any other animal kept as a pet.

Responsible pet ownership is a must for owning any animal, regardless of what species it is. Potential owners should ensure they have the time, money and space to devote to a pet and plan to treat it as a member of the family before they acquire one. Otherwise, they should wait until they do before heading to the shelter or rescue group to adopt.

Speaking of adoption, there are nearly two dozen wonderful rabbits in our area that need families. To find out more about the rabbits and what kind of commitment they will require, call the Animal Clinic of Eagle Harbor at 238-2738.