Let freedom reign

Published 8:32 pm Wednesday, May 22, 2013

By Catherine Warrington King

When the thunder clouds clear

From across the sea,


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Let us all swear allegiance

To the land of the free.

Dear Lord, put an end to all this violence.

Let all the world find peace.

Please, dear Lord, by your grace,

Let all these horrors forever cease.

Hear all the broken-hearted,

Remove all our fears and pain,

Wipe away all the evil

In hearts of terrorists,

Leaving freedom and peace to reign.

Let them carry your love back

To their birthplace

And see for themselves

That your victory will keep them safe.

Let them live to know freedom

From their terror each day

And know victory in God

As they see Your eternal way.

If they take you into their hearts

And feel forgiveness for their sins

They can make their peace with our God

And His world will be safe again.

Dedicated to the people of Boston, the families who lost loved ones in the bombing attacks, to the survivors and to those who helped secure the city.