New church planted

Published 10:45 pm Thursday, May 30, 2013

A South African minister who has been in Suffolk for a month will return to his home country today after having planted a church in his short time here.

Kevin Burden has been in full-time ministry for 10 years in connection with Angus Buchan, a farmer whose book “Faith Like Potatoes” was turned into the popular film of the same title in 2006.



His church, Ceres Family Worship Centre International, has started many locations in South Africa and other parts of the continent. The new Suffolk church, which for now is meeting at a hotel, is the first location in the United States.


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“The church’s mission is to impact the church in such a way they’re excited about God again,” Burden said. “It’s not about obligation but about relationships.”

Burden came to Suffolk through local pastors Lori and Michael Spivey, who will become the senior pastors of Ceres Family Worship Centre. Burden and the Spiveys met through Facebook about seven years ago, they said.

“The Lord gave us a vision, and everything fell into place,” Lori Spivey said of the church’s quick creation.

“For all this to happen in a month is a miracle,” Burden said.

He added the church will help local people with problems that affect their families.

“It’s going to impact the community,” he said. “It’s not just going to be a church that gets together to have church. We’re going to address social and economic issues.”

For more information on the church, call Spivey at 354-6327.