A farmer’s musical

Published 9:45 pm Tuesday, June 11, 2013

By Rex Alphin

Act One

The breeze makes its entrance in a subtle manner, unnoticed at first but making itself more known as time progresses. The leaves on the trees soon join in the background. A gentle rustling creates a stirring of anticipation.

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The lights are dimmed as a dark backdrop arises from the west and rises to a great height. Way off, in the distance, a deep rumbling rolls across the trees, the meadows, the fields, cascading through the atmosphere as the air turns cooler.

Act Two

Suddenly, the breeze becomes a mighty wind and throws itself passionately against resistant objects. Trees bend downward, birds flee and children are herded into safe abodes. A loud, penetrating “Crrrrraaack!” splits the air as a great burst of light illuminates, for one brief moment, the sky, trees, plants, fields and all that can be made visible.

Across the treetops, out to the west, appears a graying, foggy mass moving closer. It has a comforting, regular, mesmerizing sound, steadily increasing in volume. Another “Crrrrraaack!” resounds as great droplets of water arrive. First one, then three, then a thousand times a thousand, pounding the earth, the rooftops, lawns and roads, creating a million-voice chorus, all on key.

Gutters start gurgling, puddles form, clear liquid surges down paths and ditches. Oblong pools appear between crop rows, and small ponds arise in corners. The world, in an instant, in totality, becomes wet.

Act Three

Then, it all fades away. The wind dies, the clouds split, the droplets from the sky cease. Like some grand play that has performed its final act, all the backdrops and characters, all the orchestra and lighting, all the scripts and special effects and actors move on down the road to another town as the curtain drops, the lights are brought back up and the audience returns to its duties.

But you must admit, it was a magnificent play.

Rex Alphin of Walters is a farmer, businessman, author, county supervisor and contributing columnist for the Suffolk News-Herald. His email address is rexalphin@aol.com.