Isaacs’ charge dismissed

Published 10:37 pm Friday, June 21, 2013

An assault charge against the son of Suffolk’s sheriff was dismissed Friday when the alleged victim failed to show up for a court date.

Raleigh Isaacs Jr., 52, was accused of assaulting his housemate, David Burford, on April 15 at their residence in the 2400 block of Pruden Boulevard. In a warrant Burford secured, he accused Isaacs of hitting him with a metal walking cane at least four times.

In the courtroom before Friday’s hearing started, Isaacs said he was innocent and that the incident wasn’t his fault.


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“I’m a good person,” he added after the hearing.

Isaacs’ attorney, David Cassidy of the public defender’s office, moved for dismissal of the case based on the lack of a complaining witness. Burford had been served personally with notice of the hearing, a clerk noted.

The judge, a substitute from another jurisdiction because Suffolk’s judges declined to hear the case, granted the motion.

Isaacs’ history with Suffolk law enforcement includes four charges of driving under the influence of alcohol since March 2006, all of which have been reduced, dismissed or not prosecuted.

He has served jail time for some of the reduced charges, including 10 days in jail after a June 2008 accident, and he had his license suspended for a year after the most recent incident in August 2011, for which he was found guilty of refusing to take a blood or breath test.