Fall PDCCC scholarships available

Published 9:27 pm Monday, June 24, 2013

The cost of an education should not stop anyone from reaching her educational goals. That’s why Paul D. Camp Community College has established a number of opportunities for prospective and current students to get their education paid for through scholarships.

We’ve given away thousands and thousands of dollars over the history of the Paul D. Camp Community College Foundation’s existence, and we’d like to help even more students fulfill their dreams of quality education.

What’s truly amazing is that the scholarships managed by the college have been made available primarily through the generosity of a number of individuals just like you. These amazing individuals have in many cases sacrificed, saved and contributed in order to help others achieve success.

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The types of scholarships at Paul D. Camp Community College vary greatly. It’s fair to say that there’s just about something available for everyone.

We have scholarships for graduating high school seniors entering the college for the first time. There are scholarships for first-generation college attendees or those who are financially in need of support. We also have a plethora of scholarship opportunities for continuing students at the college.

And the Foundation just endowed a scholarship fund targeted to “non-traditional” students; essentially, it’s for those students who’ve waited to attend college and perhaps have jobs or are raising families.

The opportunities are great, and we encourage students to take full advantage of the scholarship opportunities available to them.

The following are just a few of the scholarships available to students for the fall 2013 semester:

440/7 Society Scholarship: This scholarship is available to non-traditional students who have a demonstrated financial need and are in good academic standing with college.

4American Association of University Women, Suffolk Branch: This scholarship is awarded to a student enrolled in a degree program after being out of school or college for at least three years.

4Suffolk Ruritan Nursing Scholarship: This scholarship is for a nursing student accepted into the RN program at PDCCC who plans to work in the service area after graduation.

4Dean Nancy Sandberg Scholarship: This scholarship is in honor of one of the college’s long-term deans. It is available to those who are 25 years or older. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED, and they must be enrolled in a certificate or degree program at the college.

4Cross Realty Career Grant: This scholarship is available to Suffolk residents who are interested in careers or job preparation and are enrolled in a degree or certificate program.

4Kiwanis Club of Suffolk Scholarship: This scholarship is available to a resident of Suffolk who is a prospective, current or former PDCCC student. It is to be used for tuition.

Other fall 2013 scholarships offered at the college include the Wal-Mart Community Involvement Scholarship, the Bertella C. Westbrook Memorial Scholarship for Nursing Students, the Shirley N. Barnes Scholarship, the Donald C. Boyce Education Scholarship, the Dr. Alvin C. Rogers Endowed Scholarship, the PDCCC Classified Personnel Association Scholarship, the Dr. Douglas W. and Grace Boyce Scholarship, the Lawrence M. (Marvin) Farmer Memorial Scholarship and the Smithfield-Luter Foundation Scholarship.

For more information, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 569-6790 or visit www.pdc.edu/scholarships.

Felicia Blow is vice president for institutional advancement and executive director of the Paul D. Camp Community College Foundation. Her email is fblow@pdc.edu.