Land transfers for June 14-27

Published 6:46 pm Saturday, June 29, 2013

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


June 14-27


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Timothy P. Gunsalus to Bryan S. Barnson; 105 Saint Andrews Drive; $281,600


Kristina Madison Whitman to Shane D. Redfern; 5078 Kelso Court; $309,400


TerryPeterson Residential Thirty LLC to Tishelle M. Evans; 8239 Lee Hall Ave.; $215,420


Gary Hoffman to Tommy E. Gaskins; 141 Mallard Drive; $161,000


BBBS Holdings LLC to Brandon M. Kahn; 2401 Pine Tree Way; $232,200


Clovis O. Ash Jr. to George H. Murray; 6115 Trumpet Drive; $464,900


Anne Scott Norfleet Click to Stephen P. Jernigan; 119 Causey Ave.; $214,400


Walker Ladon Dykes to Wells Fargo Bank; 4637 Schooner Blvd.; $277,989.72


Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 4637 Schooner Blvd.; $277,989.72


Debra W. Blankenship to Kenneth Schulz; 114 Zebulon Court; $268,200


Rashid I. Hicks to Cliff R. Wendt; 201 Rockwood Place; $196,200


Federal National Mortgage Association to CFF Properties LLC; 133 Birch Lane; $182,700


Denny L. Osenton to Shad D. Barr; 3628 Sherwood Place; $210,000


David Dempsey to Heather M. Anaya; 6907 Leyton Place; $262,400


Southeastern Virginia Properties LLC to Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC; 1923 Piedmont Road; $304,735.11


Keith C. Nichols to Ramin Tolouian; 5110 Mariners Cove; $611,100


Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Charles P. Williams; 313 Frederick St.; $216,225


Brandon Simpson to Barbara A. Massenburg; 143 Walnut St.; $75,000


Solomons Builders Inc. to Brian D. Hafford; 850 Wilroy Road; $285,000


Fannie Mae to Ryan Allen Lusk; 1063 Snead Drive; $219,300


Eugene A. Rosier to John D. Herdic; 5306 S. Bay Hill Court; $417,000


Matthew M. Dubai to Mark A. Breeden; 6709 W. Dickens Court; $300,000


Jacklyn J. Donnell to Marie S. Delk; 804 General Pickett Drive; $349,800


Wendy L. Murray to Brian A. Jentgens; 124 Rockland Terrace; $254,700


Keith Starling to Brian J. Short; 225B Kenyon Road; $148,900


TerryPeterson Residential Thirty LLC to Christopher T. Deale; 8237 Lee Hall Ave.; $220,000


Federal National Mortgage Association to R&L Adventures LLC; 912 Carolina Road; $117,400


Charles W. Rogers to Michael Ringwood; 5306 Doral Woods Court; $472,200


CFF Properties LLC to Aaron R. Lambert; 227 Equinox Landing; $242,500


Alfredo Zepeda III to Cory R. McClair; 135 Kristen Lane; $172,500


Keith A. Moore to Rachel E. Stacknick; 1661 Great Fork Road; $207,900


Albert L. Harrison Sr. to Geoffrey A. Terry Jr.; 130 Hillside Ave.; $245,000


Joshua S. Goolsby to Joshua K. Joyner; 221 Widgeon Court; $177,400


Nectar Projects Inc., trustee, to U.S. Bank National Association; 1905 Kyle Court; $230,900


Sandra P. Pollpeter to Matthew J. Johnson; 5079 Kelso St.; $275,400


Beneficial Financial I Inc. to Jonathan I. Guibas; 135 Mallard Drive; $155,900


John Robert Butler to Maria R. Plancarte; 6540 Crittenden Road; $115,300


Denise K. Remington-Hereford to McEntire Design Properties LLC; 103 Palham Place; $90,000


Gary A. McMahon to Wells Fargo Bank NA, trustee; 5920 Brookwood Drive; $146,900


Russell L. Page, chairman, to Daniel A. Maxwell; 1330 Holland Road; $210,100


Eugene R. Bailey to Jerad Alan Ruthart; 332 Stonehenge Drive; $250,500


Redus VA Housing LLC to Home Associates of Virginia Inc.; 9507 N. River Road; $151,800


Roger Dan Rodgers to Darrell M. Harding; 59.4 acres on Longstreet Lane; $231,000


U.S. Bank National Association to Bank of America; 212 Locust St.; $156,600


Walter E. Carter to Jeremy H. Ford; 205 Osprey Court; $520,400


Frank M. Rawls, trustee, to Metropolitan Church Federal Credit Union; 133 Church St.; $39,700


Mark L. Wiggins to William Whitfield III; 313 Festival Court; $231,800


Commonwealth Trustees LLC, trustee, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company; 113 Brewer Ave.; $243,300


Chad M. Marshall to Georgia L. Troupe; 3345 Nansemond River Drive; $352,500


Joyce Y. Bellamy to Derrick L. Callicutt; 132 Mulberry St.; $57,200


TerryPeterson Residential Thirty LLC to Derek Michael Scalese; 8238 Lee Hall Ave.; $223,541


Dean M. Smith to Rhonda White; 251-253 Pine St.; $142,600


Rivers Edge of Chesapeake LLC to Mitchell B. Robinson; 3004 Willow Ridge Court; $259,500


Desiree Brown to James A. Harris; 5780 Hawk Lane; $102,500


Equity Trustees LLC, trustee, to Wells Fargo Bank; no description given; $111,956.14


Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 420 Linden Ave.; $111,956.14


Equity Trustees LLC, trustee, to Wells Fargo Bank; 1061 Snead Drive; $325,084.60


Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 1061 Snead Drive; $325,084.60


Surety Trustees, trustee, to Beneficial Financial I Inc.; 2431 Cherry Blossom Drive; $207,900


Parker & Orleans Homebuilders Inc. to Michael Soroka; 3322 Rivers Bend Place; $138,000


Della r. Stokes to Steve Warren; Wellons Street; $83,200


Mom Haven 6 LP to Flat Iron Holding LLC; 226 N. Sixth St.; $62,500


Wittstadt Title & Escrow Company LLC, trustee, to U.S. Bank National Association; 5064 Kelso St.; $241,900


M. Michael Kellam to Kay & Kushnir Investments LLC; 4536 Hubbard Ave.; $170,200


Cox Contracting LLC to Cary E. Franklin Jr.; 6769 Everets Road; $165,000


Clifton Cyrus Brinkley to Virginia Eleanor Rawls; 121 Northbrooke Ave.; $149,600


Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek Square to Lisa J. Byrum 949-A Vineyard Place; $214,698


TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to Christopher Reed Jr.; 1012 Boundary Drive; $245,380


Equity Trustees LLC, trustee, to U.S. Bank National Association; 1400 E. Washington St.; $90,900


Mary E. Wilson to Mary E. Wilson; 6593 Everets Road; $223,100


David E. Teel to Cheria J. Greene; 1012 Legends Way; $232,600


Rafael Trice to Lisa Britt; 811 Cripple Creek Lane; $160,900


Kristopher C. Lackey to Dale Simmons Jr.; 9021 Eclipse Drive; $154,000


Brian S. Fitzgerald to Darnell Williams Jr.; 5018 Kelso St.; $265,000


Rene L. Garcia to Allison Burns; 239 Holbrook Arch; $244,000


Philip L. Black to Nicholas J. Haney; 4015 Sleepy Hole Road; $60,000


Commonwealth Trustees LLC, trustee, to Secretary of Housing and Urban Develoment; 109 Earl Court; $107,633.63


JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Commonwealth Community Development Services Inc.; 709 Adams St.; $109,600


Dwight C. Schaubach to Star Creek LLC; 3401 Montonville Point Drive; $100,000


Star Creek LLC to Jason G. Massey; 3401 Montonville Point Drive; $417,900


Jeremiah S. Hall to Michael L. Coburn; 800 Milford Lane; $215,000


Central Virginia Bank to Michael D. Sifen Inc.; 1001 Centerbrooke Lane; $2,618,600


Carolyn L. Thomas to Steve Jacobs; 22.6 acres on Jackson Road; $146,400


Phillip L. Patterson to Beneficial Financial I. Inc.; 111 Charlotte Ave.; $81,900


Archie F. McCartney III to Beneficial Financial Inc.; 1407 Rivercreek Crescent; $210,500


Kenneth Morgan to U.S. Bank National Association, trustee; 6214 Burbage Acres Drive; $216,000


Michael J. Malcom to Donna G. English; 417 Keaton Way; $237,200


Donna Deal Hartman to Lourdes L. York; 2625 Little John Road; $245,000


Wanda L. Hugate to Marilyn P. Truesdell; 5112 Olympia Court; $344,800


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C., to Allan Drewry; 1523 Art Court; $180,300


Marissa A. Dickens to Bronco Federal Credit Union; 9292 Southwestern Blvd.; $225,100


David J. Gyertson to Lowry L. Hundley Jr.; 2108 Governors Pointe Drive; $422,100


Patricia A. Stanley to Elizabeth Johnson; 180 Squire Reach; $167,400


John Robert Hurley to Bryan K. Barber; 3624 Sleepy Hole Road; $350,500


Deidre M. Davis to Evelyn C. Brock; Nansemond Drive; $234,200


Cary T. Pierce to Richard T. Anspach; 1037 Bay Breeze Drive; $279,000


Kimberly B. Lamb to Jamey B. Brads; 1599 N. Cherry Grove Road; $399,900


Brewers Meadow Construction LLC to James Cullen; 3012 Elmore Circle; $286,935


The Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek Square LLC to Larry D. Anderson; 915-B Vineyard Place; $300,940


U.S. Bank National Association to James Richardson; 1209 ½ E. Washington St.; $77,300


Household Realty Corporation to Mark M. Pugh; 201 Waterbury Cove; $209,900


Paul L. Duke to Virginia Tech Foundation Inc.; 6143 Longstreet Lane; $112,500


Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC to Aaron K. Ketchum; 3524 Cider Lane; $405,662.63


Eugene N. Howard to Tavoress Eley; 6418 Aberdeen Place; $259,900


Federal Home Loan to Letrice M. Dentley; 500 Cedar Court; $96,800


Virginia Nationstar Mortgage LLC to R.P. Weeks; 405 Word Terrace; $101,200


Evans & Bryant PCL to M&R Homes LLC; 176 Stoney Ridge Ave.; $196,700


Today Homes Inc. to Amanda M. Hand; 1501 Teton Circle; $163,000


Samuel M. Barnes to Morris H. Glover Sr.; 3976 Butler Drive; $350,000


Parker Crossing LLC to Vivienne A. Parodi; 2655 River Watch Drive; $551,150


Parker Crossing LLC to April Brown; 2705 Adderly Place; $263,262


Parker Crossing LLC to Michael L. Griffis; 2655 River Watch Drive; $290,808


Parker Crossing LLC to Christopher L. McElhaney; 2708 Adderly Place; $283,633