Egg on your face — or body

Published 11:13 pm Friday, July 12, 2013

What would you do for a Klondike bar — or in this case — free breakfast for life? Would you be willing to make a trip to a tattoo parlor for it?

There are a lot of things people are willing to do for free stuff. Many would answer silly trivia questions or participate in radio station stunts for a pair of concert tickets or a nice vacation. Several restaurant chains offer free food for some of the first customers that wait outside at a location’s grand opening.

And it is not just free food or merchandise that draw people to take “drastic” measures. The simple promise of a good deal will cause people to wait in the elements for Black Friday sales.


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In 2010, Topeka, Kansas, temporarily became Google, Kansas to support the search engine’s efforts to bring Google’s fiber experiment to the city.

All of these actions are temporary…. not written in ink, if you will. The Egg Bistro, with locations in North Suffolk and Chesapeake, is asking if any customers will become permanently linked to the eatery.

Last week, Doug Stumpf, co-owner of the restaurants with Mike Touhey, Marc Rojas and Pat Perry, posted on the bistro’s Facebook page this question: “Would you tattoo our logo on your body in exchange for breakfast for life?”

By Thursday afternoon, the post had attracted 53 comments running the gamut of public opinion, from “I have an appointment tomorrow!!!” to “Nope, with my luck they’d go out of business.”

It is definitely a creative marketing tool, but a tattoo is not a decision to take lightly. Some people do it on a whim — alcohol induced or completely sober. The permanency of a tattoo is important to think about and what you want to have on your body.

I got a tattoo at age 23. It is not easily visible and I don’t really regret it. But going on nine years later, I don’t know that I would do it again. It doesn’t have any particular meaning to me and being more mature would make me think twice about it.

The Facebook responses also raised a number of issues that Stumpf, Touhey, Rojas and Perry are considering before potentially putting the offer formally on the table.

Would the tattoo need to be constantly visible on the body? Would priority seating be offered? Would it be a set dollar amount? Would Bloody Marys be included?

They say they will carefully consider proposals, and likely set specific parameters, such as how many breakfasts, which days and set dollar amounts, on a case-by-case basis.

The Egg Bistro also offers $10 gift cards to anyone who puts a bumper sticker with the logo on their car. According to Stumpf, more than 1,500 of them are traveling the nation’s highways, and the tattoo idea has similar potential.

The men are inviting interested parties to send them a message via the website: