Please clean all the ditches

Published 10:34 pm Wednesday, July 17, 2013

While driving up Desert Road last Friday, I noticed that the ditches across the street from my home had recently been dug out and cleaned. They looked great, but unfortunately, they were the only ditches that were done.

Whenever we have a good downpour for even 20 minutes, my street floods horribly, because the ditches are so overgrown with weeds, and they are full of debris.

What purpose does it serve to only do the ditches in front of one home? I am certain that the road crews that were out to clean that particular ditch could see the overall condition of the other ditches on both sides of the road.


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My road is still flooding when it rains. Could the city please do all the ditches on both sides of Desert Road?

Kathleen Mallet