Land transfers for July 12-18

Published 8:02 pm Saturday, July 20, 2013

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

July 12-18

Gregory Darden to Collins Family Associates LLC; 6064-A Bradford Drive; $61,900


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Surety Trustees, trustee, to CitiBank; 6504 Ferry Point Road; $292,900

Surety Trustees, trustee, to Wells Fargo Bank; 2111 Canvasback Drive; $331,300

Surety Trustees, trustee, to Household Realty Corporation; 1123 Woods Parkway; $278,600

Shirley A. Weeks to Lacie S. Gross; 539 Turlington Road; $178,000

Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 1312 Holland Road; $152,500

Carlton W. Owens Sr. to Jeffrey L. Gray Jr.; 1532 Forest Glen Circle; $224,900

Dwayne Glenn, by attorney-in-fact, to Bernardo D. Sanderson; 6713 Lake Cove Court; $221,200

Gary Stephen Muhammad to Jason R. White; 4116 Berwyn Way; $150,000

Don W. Hackney to Richard G. Pollock; 5128 Harbor Road; $256,700

Donald R. Smith to Thomas S. White; 1754 Mill Wood Way; $322,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Craig S. McLeod; 1609 River Creek Landing South; $173,900

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Wakushka J. Cranston; 4029 Abercorn Drive; $232,800

Robert E. Hudson to Rondal N. Earley; 5841 Mineral Spring Road; $389,400

Michael R. Carr to Michael D. Nichelson; 1329 Meade Drive; $281,600

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Delaware as owner trustee to Holda Enterprises LLC; 5770 Hawk Lane; $162,900

Nathan A. Marsh, by attorney-in-fact, to Justin Paul Pennewell; 114 Hillside Ave.; $266,000

Atlantic Trustee Services LLC, trustee, to Branch Banking and Trust Company; 124 S. Fourth St.; $85,700

Fannie Mae to Stephanie Reyes; 116 Eagle Point Crescent; $185,000

Gregory E. Headen to Anthony D. Burden; 6708 Dickens Court West; $248,500

William P. Blair to RNW Investments LLC; 3.34 acres in Sleepy Hole; $35,000

Daniel G. Colburn to Matthew Thomas Stevick; 2117 Partridge Place; $310,000

Robert S. Winchester, by trustee, to Federal National Mortgage Association; 202 Equinox Landing; $235,511.04

Tammie L. Piggee, by trustee, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 169 Rochdale Lane; $236,300

Mary L. Sprinkle to Carlos David Baez; 5104 N. Bay Hill Court; $375,200

West Coast Realty Services Inc. to Michael C. Hardison Sr.; 6794 Corinth Chapel Road; $187,700

Southern Bank & Trust Company to Hang Huang; Cove Street; $317,400

Larry B. Williford, executor, to Brett J. Roeske; 4927 Fennell Lane; $77,000

Commonwealth Asset Services, LLC to Generation Mortgage Company; 2707 E. Washington St.; $103,000

Thomas O. McCoy to Tammy M. Pearl; 6207 Springhill Way; $512,000

Bradley A. Fraley to Phyllis J. Deloatch; 5037 Riverfront Drive; $349,900

New Port LLC to Jessica A. Roybal; 2003 Redgate Drive; $299,101

Robert W. McFarlin to Sheree Cummings; 302 Festival Court; $239,900

Commonwealth Trustees LLC, trustee, to Federal National Mortgage Association; 149 Greenfield Crescent; $136,846.11

Deborah H. Lee, trustee, to Max Harder Jr.; 305 Kingsale Road; $162,500

Bruce Allen Kirby to Mary B. Gardner; 2741 Colonial Drive; $164,900