Owners: Noise ‘not unreasonable’

Published 9:12 pm Monday, July 22, 2013

The owners of a Saratoga property that hosts an auto parts wholesale distribution business have responded to concerns brought up by a neighbor of the property.

Calvin Prince told the Suffolk News-Herald the business is causing irritations such as early-morning noise, eyesores and environmental concerns.

But representatives of the property owners say they are mindful of the nearby community, and the business causes fewer nuisances to the neighborhood than other types of businesses that might be able to be put there.


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“We have chosen to improve the property, be a good neighbor and put something in there that was more compatible,” said Steve Romine, an attorney with LeClairRyan.

He noted the neighborhood has grown up around industrial uses, which have been there for almost 50 years. The property is zoned heavy industrial.

“You can do a lot of dirty, nasty businesses” within that zoning classification, Romine said.

Prince had said the business, Chesapeake Core Supply, sometimes operates in the middle of the night, which causes noise that affects nearby residents.

Romine acknowledged the facility sometimes operates at odd hours.

“There is some noise periodically,” he said. “It’s not sustained and it’s not unreasonable.”

Much of the time nobody is there, Romine added.

Prince also pointed out vehicle engines that were sitting outside on the ground. Romine acknowledged the engines should not have been outside and have since been moved inside.

Romine also said the business has hired from within the neighborhood, providing opportunities for the residents.

Three years ago, the neighborhood successfully fought back against a recycling facility the landowners wanted to allow to operate on the plot. They feared noise, rodents and heavy truck traffic — all scourges they had experienced in the past with other industrial uses — would return to the neighborhood.

In the interim, the landowners allowed a container repair business to operate there, which later left. The property sat vacant for about a year before Chesapeake Core Supply moved in, Romine said.