Time for the immigration dance

Published 10:15 pm Monday, August 5, 2013

Every dozen years, or so government “solves” the immigration problem. There is a choreographed process, and everyone knows his part.

The Democrats are all for making every person illegally in the United States a citizen as soon as possible. The Republicans do a lot of arm-waving about sealing the borders.

Eventually a bill is passed into law that provides steps for people illegally in the country to become citizens, and more money is appropriated to seal our borders. Then there is a lot more arm-waving, with all sides declaring victory.


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What government and the press do not want taxpayers to recognize is that no change is made. People continue to steam across our borders without legal admittance. That is to say, the same problems continue while our taxes go up in support of the new law and old ones.

This repeated charade avoids the most important question. Why is it that so many people want to come here, instead of staying in their home nations? The traditional answer is that people come here, because there are far more opportunities in the United States, which is true. The answer not discussed is that immigrants think there is no hope that their nations will ever change to the extent that more opportunities will be available to them at home.

Why do people think their nations will never change and be like the United States? Shouldn’t our highly successful system of society, government, education and economy be a model for the rest of the world?

In thinking about these questions, it is important to understand the uniqueness of the United States and know that there is no other nation like us. In other nations, a ruling elite controls government and the economy for their personal benefit. This is true of England, China, Russia, Nigeria, Mexico, Brazil, etc. All of these nations consider themselves to be “democracies,” but their governmental systems are structured in such ways so that the rich, ruling elite maintain control.

For example, the English monarchy/aristocracy allows elections, but governments are the monarch’s government, not the people’s government. The English monarchy’s realm includes 16 different nations, including Canada, Australia, Jamaica and New Zealand.

In Mexico, from which many of our illegal immigrants come here, an oligarchy made up of 24 wealthy families plays much the same role as the English monarchy/aristocracy. These families have controlled Mexico for generations.

There isn’t room to discuss the details of the different nations, but fundamentally they are all structured the same. And the people who want to come here do not benefit from this structure.

Americans should spend more time reading and learning the truth about different nations and learning why so many of their people do not want to live there.

We should also wonder why our government continues to support the type of governmental and economic system we rejected more than 200 years ago.

Joseph L. Bass is the executive director of ABetterSociety.Info Inc., a nonprofit organization in Hobson. Email him at ABetterSociety1@aol.com.