Land tranfser for July 26-Aug. 1

Published 1:39 pm Friday, August 9, 2013

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


July 26 to Aug. 1


Robin Congleton to Scott Love; 109 Mistral Terrace; $230,000


U.S. Bank National Association to Springfield Associates LLC; 6048 Bradford Drive Unit A; $61,900


Frances Councill Eubank to Silas Canady; 7248 S. Quay Road; $207,900


Thomas L. Boykins III to Cornelius J. Drake; 5617 Nathaniel St.; $188,500


Hampton Roads Holding Co. LLC to Johanna D. Lee; 3406 Mintonville Point Drive; $359,000


Bank of New York Mellon to M&R Homes; 6224 Oakglen Drive; $148,300


Janet Jasewicz to Leroy W. Trotter Jr.; 316 Northbrooke Ave.; $197,000


Loney G. Nunemaker to Nathan G. Weiss; 1821 Oyster Bay Lane; $190,000


Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Omega Investment Property LLC; 1122 Portsmouth Blvd.; $12,000


City National Bank of West Virginia to Shellsea Homes LLC; 5004 Summer Harvest Lane; $101,100


William H. Weeks to Rodney T. Riddle; 815 W. Liberty Spring Road; $415,000


Curtis Archer Becker Sr. to Steve Fitzgerald; 4004 Harvest Reach Lane; $434,400


Equity Trustees LLC to Bank of America; 108 Warren St.; $232,700


Altrissa Dukes to Federal National Mortgage Association; 1226 Truman Road; $142,700


Branch Banking and Trust to Randal Y. Jacobs; 4896 Mineral Spring Road; $66,100


Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Darcene D. Thomas; 130 Stoney Ridge Ave.; $217,200


LNV Corporation, by attorney-in-fact, to Arthur C. Mayo; 4349 Driver Lane; $150,200


Clayton L. Helms to Whitney Thornton; 2032 Kings Highway; $254,800


Commonwealth Asset Services LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association; 3167 Arthur Drive; $322,751.16


Branch Banking and Trust Company to Sharon M. Barnard; 1553 Glen Haven Drive; $142,600


TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to Thresa D. Edler; 1014 Boundary Drive; $285,880


Parkside at Bennett’s Creek LLC to Brenda S. Belew; 3466 Raintree Circle; $449,900


Wells Fargo Bank to Larenta J. Bullock; 1319 Baltic St.; $140,700


Lashandra M. Beard to Stacy N. Wilson; 1014 Island Park Circle; $171,700


D&B Properties Inc. to Barbara Y. Fleuridor; 6205 Oakglen Drive; $177,500


David L. Petroski to Wayne T. Sherman; 105 Sandtrap Court; $339,000


Ronald Horton to James E. Hartman; 5207 Bartons Creek Court; $395,000


David B. Schleeper to Christopher J. Worret; 134 Kristen Lane; $161,200


First Tennessee Bank National Association to Nationstar Mortgage LLC; 207 Grace St.; $108,500


Joseph A. Macri to Kevin Harrald; 6786 Burbage Lake Circle; $249,900


Anthony Robert DeRossett to EGA Holdings LLC; 2821 Manning Road; $469,000


Carl M. Ward to Sherry N. Whetsel; 3018 Driver Station Way West; $248,000


Robert V. Mueller, by trustee, to Secretary of Veterans Affairs of Washington, D.C.; 211 Burnetts Mill; $136,700


Tony C. Slaba to Aaron R. Speed Jr.; 1313 Holland Road; $215,500


Beileah Brown, by trustee, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 2110 Vermont Ave.; $81,200


Brian S. Hooper to Jennifer Ottino; 3051 Bay Shore Lane; $284,900


Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Norman L. Pearce; 6000 Green Ash Court Unit B; $76,500


Lisa M. Myers to Martin A. Cole; 1875 Manning Road; $339,900


Piotr Biakowski, trustee, Lesmore W. Jones; 111 Benham Court; $282,000


Delaney Drive Properties LLC to CTW Properties LLC; 104 Kilby Ave.; $203,700


Equity Trustees LLC, trustee, to Danielle Gail; 315 Hunter St.; $96,400


Secretary of Veterans Affairs to James R. Taylor III; 216 Water Pointe Way; $577,200


William N. Hill Jr. to Charles D. Padrick III; 1228 Parker Drive; $249,600


Vera A. Jackson, executor, to M&T Bank; 816 Battery Ave.; $38,999.37


Leonidas Cutchin III to SunTrust Mortgage Inc.; 1301 Glen Haven Drive; $161,500


Streamco Property Resolutions LLC to 147 W. Washington St. LLC; 121 W. Washington St.; $750,000


Deborah Bass to Toney Reid; 5102 Muirifield Loop; $450,000


TerryPeterson Residential Thirty-One LLC to Cecil L. McGee; 152 Sharpe Drive; $317,638


TerryPeterson Residential Eleven LLC to Daniel Gray; 2539 Queens Point Drive; $241,400


Robert D. Williams to Timothy A. Housos; 107 Elmington Way; $155,100


Eric C. Momnie Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 3924 Pughsville Road; $118,400


William T. Staley to Christiaan B. Applewhite; 320 Bruce St.; $116,100


Elbar Inc. to GOPI Norfolk LLC; 539 Third Ave.; $201,500


Tiffany Giovannielli to Taggart Michael Mac; 6414 Olde Bullocks Circle; $242,000


James S. Fticsar II to Zhaoyan Liu; 3008 Billings Drive; $168,200


Rivers Edge of Chesapeake LLC to Tameka J. Reid; 1035 Meadows Reach Circle; $274,270


Brewers Meadow Construction LLC to Floyd W. Shaw Jr.; 2135 Brians Lane; $280,655


Aarti Mehta to A.J. Potter Investments LLC; 6503 Harbour Pointe Drive; $520,600


David L. Beachler to U.S. Bank National Association, trustee; 1526 Lake Speight Drive; $115,100


Brian D. Howell to Ernesto Tirado; 2454 Cherry Blossom Drive; $250,000


John N. Collins to Rayshawn Murray; 5052 Kelso St.; $269,900